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    A few suggestions: Comments/shouts

    I apologize if the following suggestions have been thoroughly discussed already, but on cursory examination I didn't notice much of any discussion on these. Emphasis on cursory, so again, apologies.

    Onwards, ho!

    I personally feel that before the site leaves beta, it would probably be a good idea to implement mainsite handling for reporting inappropriate comments/shouts. In my 4+ years on FA, I've seen hundreds upon hundreds of junk troll accounts, and equally unappealing comments on pages. Like most art sites, FA has support for user removal of comments/shouts, though unfortunately it's not simple or easy for some users, and that's something I'd like to see different here.

    It's fairly important that users have ease of reporting. If it's too convoluted to report something, seems more often than not it'll go unreported. Not to poke fun, but from what I've heard the only current way to report an inappropriate comment is by coming here to the forums. That's convoluted, particularly as you'd need to register a separate account on the forum to do so, first.

    I'd suggest the best way to make this easy would be to stick a small link next to the reply link you get when hovering over a comment.

    On the same subject, I've also noticed a lack of the ability to remove comments or shouts - even your own - from submissions and userpages, both your own and those belonging to others. I don't know if I'm missing something or not, I may be. By all means, if there's a way to do this, I'd appreciate being informed of how to do it, as it's not obvious.

    And, to make it obvious - same as a above - a small link that lets you remove comments if you'd have the proper permission to do so - placed directly next to the other(s) shown on mouseover.

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    I second this motion fully and wholeheartedly.

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    The one about being able to delete comments and shouts has been suggested before : ) But yes, its still a needed thing.

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    to keep this thread alive

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    Are you bumping this due to the suggestions? If you have any suggestions, the best thing to do would be to post in this thread. Putting it on the Common Suggestions list makes organizing suggestions much easier and effective



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