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    Suggestion: Sign up tutorial page [and some bugs/common suggestions]

    This may sound lame but it's been kicking about in my head for a while.

    Perhaps after the beta has most of it's suggestions and foundations met and before the site opens to the public there should be an additional few pages upon sign up that flat out explains to new comers where everything is and the cool features.

    So many are complaining about it not being user friendly when most of the time they follow with comments like "On Deviantart/Furaffinity/Nabyn", Weasyl is Weasyl, Deviantart is Deviantart and Furaffinity is Furaffinity. Of course there's some access that could be shifted and made more easy but perhaps putting up this guidance would help in as much as::

    1. People understand the site - where everything is and how to do the basics upload//journal posting//filters
    2. Make the tagging and importance of such clear
    3. That if there's a problem or someone wants to make suggestions to come to the forums instead of being in the Furaffinity mindset of "If it's not broke they won't improve it"

    I've already seen people exclaim about jumping ship in beta instead of going to where site features can be suggested and implemented which is bizarre but doesn't surprise me honestly.

    Even with this implemented I'm SURE some one will miss it/skip it and then complain they can't find anything BUT at least the information is there and can be used in the Help Topics section which needs expanding anyway~ A lot of the info you already have up on the tumblr that could just do with some more screengrabs and edits and it could be used easily.

    Again this might be lame but while you have the time in beta mode it might be useful~


    One bug I'd like to mention though it's not serious, I like journal browsing~ I can't seem to get further than one page though 8'I

    Other than that I think a lot of my suggestions have been mentioned in the common list and all around.

    Other suggestions:
    - Having the img code apply for the profile section of a page
    Personally I just wanted to have my little site banner there, no biggie though~
    - Disabling other's tagging - !!!
    Been suggested but really want this, really.
    - Along with tags maybe upon upload have a selection of common 'category' tags for someone to click and auto add [human/anthro/male/female/ etcetc]
    It might make the page a bit bulky but currently people are putting junk and it just makes others more fervent in tagging that they might tag things by mistake 8/
    - Large image views
    Personally I think it's more a waste of sever space to hold the full image view AND a small 'display view'. Either make a maximum upload of a good size maybe 1500x1500 px Or perhaps make the image click-able and expand onto the page kinda of like the lightbox system but whatever you think would work best.

    I only list them as they're the only things bothering me personally and aren't big a deal compared to bugs or getting groups working/collections a bit more consumer friendly etc

    Regardless I'm quite happy with the site and thankful for all the work to make it and improve it c8 Awesome stuff~

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    I think an intro video demonstrating all the features would be good to have.

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    I agree that having an intro video or just links to intro stuff (and more help/FAQ files are greatly needed in general anyways) so that people have means to look up things.

    There are a lot of help files here on the forums, but non of those things are linked through the main site, no info pages other then like 1-2 things under the FAQ or help section. :/ A lot of people dislike forums and when faced with issues they will simply post a journal about it. Even if the information is here on the forums. So i do hope some more help files are uploaded before the site goes public (or a lot sooner) else there will be lots of people who join through invites or when the site is public going "WHAT DO?!" XD

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    Along with the intro video/helpful links. On your profile page a banner should appear asking if someone would like to go back and review the video/tips, they can either go ahead and go back or close out the banner. I'm sure people will complain about the lengthy video or having to click and read different pages so there will be a "Skip" button at one point, so it'd be nice to have an easy to access link for "Helpful Tips" with the video or just links attached to the page.

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    I was about to post a thread about this, but you've already nailed it.
    I see questions on the forums about how to use an aspect of the site. It would be nice when one of those questions gets resolved, that the explanation is put somewhere in the "help topics".
    This is a good example of a simple issue that warrants an explanation in the help topics.
    Even for experienced art site users, different art sites do things differently, and it can be very confusing.

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    Admittedly we really could use some new pages added to the help topics. Some of them can be converted from forum posts or blog posts, like you've said. Gotta figure out what we need to cover specifically, though. Might be a bit.



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