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    Story uploads losing quotation marks and apostrophes

    So I uploaded stories on my page today. The first of which you can find here:

    I copied the files into notepad and fixed them up, and then uploaded them... and if you look, the story now has no quotation marks, or apostrophes, or maybe other things too. What happened? D:

    I double-checked the txt files and they have all those things, so somewhere in the process of uploading them, the site dropped most of my punctuation... now the story just looks ugly - doubly so without any BBC Code editing...

    But even that's not a problem, just... I think the whole story upload thing needs a serious looking at. :/

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    Are you using smart quotes in your writing uploads? aka, the special curved quotes that Word/OpenOffice replaces normal quote marks and apostrophes with. I tried to post a story earlier and had all my quotation marks eaten because I'd forgotten to replace the smart quotes with normal ones. A lot of sites don't like them...

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    Seconding Leicis. I had the same issue yesterday. I'd copied a story from an old forum post and, for some reason, half the quotation marks copied into Notepad as smart quotes. :C

    I agree that the story submissions need some streamlining. Picking through Notepad to replace quotes and add BBCode is tedious. Even a bare-bones rich text editor would make the user-friendliness skyrocket. EDIT: There is one but it's off by its lonesome under Compose and not Submit.
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    If you use Word to save the stories as plain text, there will be a window that pops up that has an option to "Allow Character Substitution." Checking this box will replace those smart quotes with... dumb quotes? Any way you say it, it works.

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    I wonder if magic quotes is enabled on the server or not, or if the site is coded to escape the special smart encoded quotes. If the site isn't coded to escape them, it might be in their best interests to enable magic_quotes_gpc to "on" in auto fix it most cases. However, I'm just thinking aloud.

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    Adding the escaping of special characters is a big deal. Without it, let's just say I had some major security issues when I didn't know about escaping things before doing queries...



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