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    Notifications Lag? (dunno if it's a bug or not?)

    So my bf and I were testing out Weasyl since it's in Beta and whatnot. He sent me a bunch of collection offers, which were sent to my notifications right away, except when I deleted all my notifications, it still said I had 2 things left? I clicked on the number and there was nothing there, so I tried to get rid of them by clicking 'delete all', since there was nothing to select lol, but the 2 didn't disappear from my notifications thingy for around 10 minutes. So when they finally disappeared after a while, he sent me some comments which he promptly told me over skype, but it took like another 10 minutes for them to, this time, show up in my notifications.

    Not being impatient I swear, we were just testing out the site's performance and stuff.
    Just sayin ... like, I don't know if it's a bug, or something? So I just thought I'd mention it.

    Edit: Actually my notifications are just acting real weird in general. They kind of disappear after I click on them to take a look, even if I don't reply or do anything with them.
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    I've had that issue as well. Something that irks me is that when the alerts are removed, the alerts page will collapse or get reduced in height. So if the lag is causing a notification and you go to the alerts page to check it, sometimes it will be collapsed in a way that will not allow the user to verify or look at any alerts they have.



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