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    I always seem to join new places durring hurricanes.

    HI! I'm Neurotic! No, really, that's my name, but please call me Ticky for short. I'm a 25 year old, otherkin, striped hyena and I am currently sitting through Hurricane Sandy and basically just waiting for my power to go out. Anyway, more about me: I live near Baltimore, Maryland and work at an east coast arts and craft store that gives me somewhat of a discount on my art supplies. I like to draw traditionally as well as digitally, and I've been in the fandom for about a year and a half. I am life mated to a beautiful Maine Coon cat named Ariella. I love her very much. <3

    I like to role play, fursuit, and play video games. I'm also a huge fan of sushi. My favorite animals are horses and hyenas, and I one day hope to be a neuroscientist. I have A LOT of characters that I role play with and get art done of. And currently have two partial fursuits.

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    it's fairly understandable you prefer us to call you Ticky.

    well, not wanting to make you go paranoid but isn't it weird that anywhere you go some hurricane happens ?
    i'd love to invite you, i'm in france...

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    Y'ello! I'm Neesboy. We've met briefly on my board, but I figured it was only fair to come over and say hi on yours. Best of luck weathering the storm!



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