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Thread: Y'ello, fellow!

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    Y'ello, fellow!

    Hey there- I'm Neesboy. Thought I'd drop by, say hi, and let you folks know who I am!

    For one, I'm a nerd. I enjoy words like sanguinary, threnody, and legerdemain, and I'm fond of trivia ranging from cuttlefish to capacitors. I'm not much of an artist, but I love writing (poetry and prose) and roleplaying. If anybody wants an art trade, I usually do poetry or a bit of animation!

    I'm on Neo as well, if you want to check out my characters.

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    Hi Neesboy,

    Sounds cool. If you're interested I may be interested in doing a trade with you.

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    Hey there, Ticky! You've got lovely art, and I'd be happy to do a trade with you at some point. Here are some examples of my poetry, if that's what you're interested in. (Admittedly, two of my favorites, but I work hard on any trades I do.)

    For Lebyby:
    Wherever I stand
    It quite often rains,
    And the weather man
    Can never explain.
    It's cloudy and grey,
    Rather overcast,
    But I just say, hey,
    It probably won't last,
    For when I move on
    Like I often do,
    The clouds are all gone
    From up over you.
    I don't really mind
    Since up in the sky
    I sometimes can find
    A rainbow up high.

    For Voror:
    I'm consumed from within
    As I'm fed from without
    That's the mess that I'm in
    And what I'm all about
    With fire in my veins
    And ashes in my heart
    I feel the dreadful pains
    Brought about by my art
    My footprints left with soot
    Just smolder in the grass
    And where I place each foot
    The smoke will linger last
    I'm entropy at work
    A phoenix gone all wrong
    A circus sideshow quirk
    An ember all but gone
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