I am a fairly established writer, with a varied background. My usual price per chapter is 5$ for a safe for work commission, and 7$ for a not safe for work chapter. A chapter runs usually 2 pages, but may run a little longer.

I am comfortable working with anything. I can do fetishes, and have done everything from gore, vore and yaoi, to scat, inflation, sizeplay, and transformation.

I will work with canon characters and original characters, and I can provide a sample of the specified fetish of your choice, upon request.

I prefer payment via paypal, and I am always willing to split payments in two halves. One half before I start, and the rest after.

My policy is that you do not get your work until I get the second half. Otherwise, you can also pay in full up front, and as soon as I finish, you get it. I like to keep my clients updated, and my FA feedback thread would reflect this. I have a reputation for being prompt, and in fact undercharging for my work, so if you want a story, I'm the storyteller to see. <3.

Any questions you may have will be answered as soon as I see them. Samples of my work can be found at the following links:


It is worth noting that all writing on FF is indeed relatively old, so fresher samples would be available on my FA. Additionally, please don't forget that I can also provide a 1-2 paragraph sample related to what you're looking for. I can be reached here, or on FA. Feel free to comment here, PM me, note me on FA, or even email me at: j.leith@yahoo.com

Thanks for reading. As a final note, any commission for the duration of the month of October, relating to Halloween, will receive 1$ off the commission, ex. SFW price per chapter would be 4$, and NSFW price per chapter would be 6$.