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    Favorite blogs/casts/feeds/etc?

    Hello everyone. I've recently wanted to expand my regular web browsing materials and I recently discovered two blogs I've decided to keep bookmarked.

    I'm very new to the whole 'blog' sort of thing, so I'd love to see what are some user favorite blogs/columns/feeds/etc that I can check out myself.

    In short, share your favorite blog thread? Be it about furry, art, politics, fetishes, science, etc. I appreciate it.

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    My favourite blog would probably be Why Evolution Is True (, though the writer doesn't like calling it a blog. It's written by an American biology professor and ties in with his book by the same name. It mostly covers evolution, religion and cats (both real and the lol variety).
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    Gave it a bit of a read, defiantly some interesting stuff! Thank you for sharing!

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    Does Vlogbrothers count? I follow that and all of their spinoffs on Youtube. Scishow is probably my favorite because I like sciency things.



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