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    When I was actively collecting, it was mainly mid to higher end anime/video game collectible figures, and occasionally TMNT figures (80s-90s Playmates line).

    Here is my anime/video game figure collection:

    And I just received these bad boys not too long ago:

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    I collect Lego. Yes it may seem childish for a 29 year old to collect a child's toy, but who doesn't like Lego?

    Anyway I have been collecting Lego City sets primarily since 2004. I also like to collect the old Lego Town sets from the 80's and 90's. I have a couple videos on YouTube which show what I have which I will link here for anyone interested to have a look at.

    This shows the city layout I've been working on all year. It's taken that long cause I work on it as and when, as in, as and when I have the funds available.

    This shows all my sets and MOC's (my own creations) displayed on my bookcases.



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