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    I had an intuos 4. It lasted maybe a year and a half to two years before it started bugging out. One USB port died. The second one was on it's way. It was a really huge let down considering my intuos 2 lasted for five years before I replaced it. I just replaced the 4 with a 5, which was not an expense I wanted to take right now, but I can't afford to be without my tablet.

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    I've had my Intuos3 for six and a half years or something crazy like that- haven't had to repair it at all in that time, but then, I treat it like a baby. I'll be keeping it 'til it dies. :] I have heard some iffy things about the textured nibs and cable ports on the Intuos4s, so you might try to seek out users who have experience with 5!



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