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    I'm drawn to a lot of unique styles and stuff that's just generally weird looking I guess you could say. And really cute stuff too.

    Cool designs and bright colours are a plus

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    Well for me personally there are tons of different reasons, but it boils down to a few simple things.

    Quality & Artistic Knowledge
    • The artists I watch have to know at least a fair amount of how anatomy works if they're drawing. I tend to find stiff imagery to be very unattractive.
    • If they color, they need to know a bit about color theory, for example, Purple and Orange can look great together if you use a Cool shade of purple and a more yellow shade or orange, but if they both are leaning towards the red spectrum it wouldn't look very pleasing to the eye.

    I could go on and on in this department, but pretty much, they have to have a good or even fair grasp of Anatomy, Balance, Volume, color Theory, and Direction. these are the basic building blocks for any visual artists, and something that many self-taught artists need to learn as it is essential to be successful in the art world. You wouldn't be a successful writer if you didn't abide by the rule of grammar and spelling would you? Visual Art has rules too. (thought not as strict)

    I also love literature and comics, my preference in this area is a bit harder to describe. Overall though, they have to have a good grasp on grammar and the English language (As this is my native language, and the language used by 80% of web users), and I can't get bored, if something catches my attention I'll love it, even if it is a fan-fiction and the characters are totally OOC, if the story is written well I won't care. :3

    I don't tend to watch musicians unfortunately because I tend to have a habit of only liking maybe 5-7 songs out of 20, so they have a harder time holding my attention. (I have the same problem with CD's where I'll only like 3 songs on the whole album. )

    For visual arts my tastes range from cute, to serious, anime-esc, to semi realism, cartoony to full-blown realism (for anthros) My favorite art though would probably be Semi-realism with a hint of anime/manga.

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    the thing i pay attention to most is anatomy and structure of the muzzle. i watch if i really like how someone does anatomy and faces.



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