I have a few characters posted for sale in my gallery, with more to be posted when I have a little extra time.

I'm aiming for 10$ or best offer for characters, unless otherwise stated.

I am also taking preorders on some art I'm preparing to do. Which will be explained briefly.

-Zodiacs [western]
These will be Characters based around western zodiacs, ie saggitarius, pisces, etc. There will only be one of these per sign, so please feel free to stake your claim on these.

-Zodiacs [Other]
These will be the same as the western, except that they will be Chinese, and other zodiacs.

These can be any gender, based on gems

Same as above, but with birthstones, there will be one per month of birth

Character adopts based on minerals.

I am going to be doing pokemon character adopts and art. You'll have the opportunity to pick your pokemon, the gender, if you want shiny, regular, or custom colors/markings, also you'll get to pick from Gijinka [more human than pokemon], Pokemorph [more pokemon than human], or feral [as in looking like the actual pokemon, but with the colors of your choice.]

Comment here, or note me on Weasyl [also YukiYouko], if you don't have weasyl, you can note me on FA, which is also YukiYouko.

Thanks <3