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    Sadly it did not work, even after a full reboot, the default is 0 so I change it to 1 and nothing changed aside from some terrible lag.

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    caisses enregistreuses

    Within the last couple of weeks a frequented website has stopped loading properly. All other websites load properly with the exception of some forum websites caisses enregistreuses came across while looking for an answer to this problem. The website loads very slowly but is missing all formatting and images (except ad banners). It is one solid white page with lots of black and blue hyperlinked text. It looks like you were seeing the page in text view. It does load properly on my phone. The forum websites that don't load have the same appearance. I am running Windows XP SP3 and Firefox v16.

    Here is what I have tried so far. Not sure whats left.
    - Tried loading on my phone (success)
    - Tried url in Chrome and IE (no luck)
    - Updated Firefox to the latest version
    - Cleared the history, cookies and cache
    - Restarted Firefox in Safe Mode with extensions turned off
    - Updated all plugins
    - Ran Spybot with no issues
    - Ran AVG with no issues
    - Checked to make sure there is no ad or image blocking turned on (there is none)
    - Checked to make sure there are no exceptions listed
    - Performed a Shift + R to reload the page
    - Removed any programs installed recently
    - Checked Internet Options in Windows to make sure nothing looks out of place
    - Hosts file is clean
    - Reset Firefox to default settings and preferences



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