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    Clarification: What YouTube submissions are allowed?

    I wasn't 100% clear on this from the AUP alone. Are users in fact allowed to submit videos embedded from YouTube which consist of "let's play" videos, combo music videos, or speed runs of video games? I've seen several already submitted but I wanted to be sure before I did the same.

    I don't mean to start an out of scope discussion of "what is art" but some of these have quite a bit of work put into them to make them aesthetically pleasing.

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    Well from another thread, believe Ibuuyk asked this as well, as long as its made by you or you had some part in it (such as a dance breaking video, tutorial on how to do something in a game or something in a art program) it's ok. But don't take my word for it, I'll try and search for the thread the mod explained this in.

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    We're working on defining what exactly is and is not permissable as far as embedding youtube videos as submisisons go, i.e. what kinds of videos should be considered as something to go in a person's art gallery. However, as far as journals go, anything is fair game for embedding, so long as it's not a 100 percent direct rip of copyright material, like linking to a full TV show or movie.



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