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    How to Report a User Mainsite? (Not Urgent)

    All right, I'm not being harrassed or anything, just making that clear. I don't need to report anyone to be kicked off the site or anything.

    But what I stumbled across was a user that had imagery in their banner on their main profile that definitely fell under "Mature" or "Adult". I looked in the Guidelines and saw that you've covered this already, that it has to be suitable for everyone, but I don't see a link on the person's main page to report them (just submissions, which aren't relevant), or really anything on the main site that seems a clear way of reaching a mod or admin. In this scenario, would I note an admin personally, or report them in another way?

    Or am I missing something really obvious and in front of my nose...? :x

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    In the future, I believe we'll have a report link that is accessible from any part of the site, and to be used to report things like this that are not part of submissions and the link, but we have yet to implement it.

    In the meantime, you can report issues like this by sending an email to and we'll look into it. Keep in mind this is only to be used if it's not something that has a dedicated report button.

    Thank you for keeping an eye out for us, we appreciate it.



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