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    Looking for some ideas

    Ayo' I'm in need of some ideas for some tumblr themes, if I like them enough past the design I'll code and offer them to the public (I'll post it on Tumblr itself for easy installation as well as a rar file with the PSD and basic coding structure), so any and all ideas would be great! I need to get out of my minimalistic comfort zone and do something I haven't really tried.

    You can post a description, photos of other sites along with changes to be made, color schemes, fixed width, fluid, tables, 1-2-3 columns, etc etc! You can check out my stuff here:

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    Oooh, this looks doable and fun
    I'll try my hand at this! I'll keep this thread updated with any WIPs to get some ideas on any mistakes or changes

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    Sort of a WIP, looking for critique on anything to improve it!

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    maybe make the topbar and notes/reblog links smaller same w the icon to not distract much from posts

    and posts like text etc all centered

    and at the line separating posts it was caught in the radius i think?
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    The post themselves won't have a line breaking them apart, it'll be white space, the line break is to separate the links and profile information from the posts.

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    oh ok sorry about that
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    That's a really lovely theme, although I'm not crazy about the font.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lemontrees View Post
    That's a really lovely theme, although I'm not crazy about the font.
    I'll be tweaking it to the suggestions above, and if I code it the font(s) will be interchangeable. This is more so the static preview atm.



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