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    Not sure if this has been stated as an idea yet, but shouldn't a Character submission have it's own related folder system? Some people make a character sheet or one specific image to showcase a character, but I'm pretty sure most artists (yes, I'm included in this) just have a body of work involving that character.

    I'm just thinking this aspect could be arranged better. Mainly, a way to assign a folder to a character, and for the thumbnail image, yes it is from one image, but for the link it takes you to that specific character folder that has the whole body of work involving that character.

    Also... whatever was the last mention on Weasyl having a Groups feature on the main site? I see in the updated first post that groups are still in a WIP state... but for how long has it been that way? Is there any way to monitor progress in development on groups being a useable feature?

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    have you thought of adding a video section here? well more or less to the main site?
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    (Hmm, that list on the first post is a bit dated... last update in 03-2014? We had a thumbnail overhaul and now have a SFW toggle already... Should probably update that...)

    So, any news on when the "Inbox/Outbox overhaul (ordering, folders, deletion, importance markers, etc.)" might happen? Without the ability to sort my submissions inbox from Oldest First, all I really end up doing on this site is checking every few months to see if it's been implemented. And now that the redmine was shutdown, I can't find out what's a high/low priority or currently being worked on.

    Adding a button to grab submissions by oldest first seems like it would be rather trivial (if MySQL is any indication of how other database interactions work). I follow a number of people who upload comics, so checking Newest First is out of the question. Before I would click "Next page" a dozen times, then look at those submissions from bottom to top, then remove that page, then repeat the process... But I haven't been very active on the site because of how annoying that is, which means I now have far too many submissions in my inbox for this to be possible anymore, which means I can't use this site for following the art that people make (aka. what this site is for).
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    I saw this in the character list for suggestions, bit wanted to add it for general submissions as well.

    Saw someone mentioning that they wished we had a multiple image upload option. Best example I can think of is tumblr, where you can upload many images to one post. I figure if the option is being considered for character pages, it shouldn't be hard to implement for other submissions as well. This would be a great tool for use with images with multiple versions. Such as a recent image I got that had 5 total versions that are not different enough to be allowed for individual posting. Sorry if this is on here and I missed it, didn't have a lot of time to scour through comments.

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    Hey, can we get the forum tab back at the top of the main site? It's a pretty important chunk of Weasyl I'd say so it was really convenient to have it there as opposed to scrolling down. :c

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    Quote Originally Posted by XoPachi View Post
    Hey, can we get the forum tab back at the top of the main site? It's a pretty important chunk of Weasyl I'd say so it was really convenient to have it there as opposed to scrolling down. :c
    They are aware about that. There is a open issue on github about this.
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    Must visit this site and I definitely want these changes implemented.

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    For Art Trades, Commissions, Requests, it'll be cool if there was a Friends Only option! ^-^
    And it be so good if profiles were more decoratable. Like backgrounds and html and stuff. :3
    And do you think it'll be fun if there was like.. a roleplay section where people can reply as their characters? :D



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