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    I don't really think it's that simple. The gamers...

    you play games :l

    It's no identity. There's no "gamer cred".
    Do you draw a lot? You're an artist.
    Do you make music? You're a musician.
    Do you play sports? You're an athlete.
    Do you play...
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    I just play Magic: The Gathering because I'm...

    I just play Magic: The Gathering because I'm boring and haven't heard of all these other card games that I'm sure are a lot of fun.
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    A Moog System 55, leather daddy getup including...

    A Moog System 55, leather daddy getup including the boots and the cap just to be corny, various types of bullwhips, a good computer, A Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 and a solid high-end podcasting setup....
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    Thank you, I tried it out and got GIMP to work...

    You can get GIMP to work with a tablet on Linux, as long as you find the right driver for your tablet. I propose as evidence that I was able to get my Wacom to function with pressure sensitivity &c....
  5. And the best programmers are those who learn how...

    And the best programmers are those who learn how something is made hands-on. Once that's been done and you understand what you're doing, you would gain that knowledge and then attempt to improve on...
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    Linux Art Programs

    Besides Krita and Mypaint, what other options do I have for an art program that is compatible with a drawing tablet?
  7. Still more exciting than my boring job. Doing...

    People still write pseodocode?

    Anywho, I'm busy with a infrastructure procurement system (No development started) enabling field technical staff to create reset and link computer objects on active...
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    I use my fursona(s) to represent the different...

    I use my fursona(s) to represent the different "modes" my mind likes to escape to over time. I currently have two of them who are both one and the same, but are presented differently. Sometimes his...
  9. Well, can't say I'm not impressed with you there....

    I'm more of an artist then a programmer, that's why I rely on game engines instead of writing from scratch
    I'm working on a very simple 2d shooter using Unity and C#. If I ever finish it I share a...
  10. Lol, do you have the sourcecode set up somewhere?...

    It gives you an opportunity to "log in," make a text post, suddenly have 100+ notes, and then "#triggered" gets thrown around the screen 30 times before you get "banned." Nothing too fancy, but it...
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    3,202 Thanks for reminding me I...
    Thanks for reminding me I had this xD
  12. My current long term project is a computer demo...

    My current long term project is a computer demo to be ported to the Raspberry Pi2 Model B and Linux(Debian/Other yummy Linux, who cares). The graphics will be hand coded. A smaller project is my...
  13. Thread: Self.Intro();

    by rodentia



    I'm a rat furry that has been in the fandom for seven years now. I'm attempting to make a fresh clean slate from my old identity and into this one. My goal here is to try my best to...
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