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  1. [Suggestion] Change the Followed Users Settings

    Right now, changing settings for notifications recieved from followed users is an absolute pain in the ass, especially if you want to change the settings for all of your followed users.

    Can we get...
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    I forgot to mention that you can draw her without...

    @Stray - Sketch stage, I'm gonna use yours as examples of different styles/commission options. Hope you don't mind!
    Also, at first I was like "how am I going to draw this, I am a clean artist" but...
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    I love your style, it's so cool :D If you want to...

    I love your style, it's so cool :D If you want to try taking a crack at my chow chow character that would be awesome! I'm totally fine with icon or full body or whatever you want to do :3c
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    I have a few characters with simple and natural...

    I have a few characters with simple and natural coloring! Might as well leave them here in case you're interested :D
  5. Suggestion: Comment Notifications for Collected Pieces

    Especially for people who get a lot of images to be collected, it might be cool to implement a notification option to receive notifications when an image you collected has been commented on.
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    Suggestion: Edit Character Image

    For characters, there are options to: Edit Thumbnail, Edit Info, and Remove character. I think an option to edit the image submitted would be very good, especially for people who decide to use a...
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