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    AC Weekend Sale! ENDS JULY 8TH!

    In honor of finishing my site, I am offering a sale!

    Until July 8th, you can get a digital sketch for $20.

    Also, all...
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    Hi hi! I love drawing MLP characters. I'd like to...

    Hi hi! I love drawing MLP characters. I'd like to toss my hat in the ring for consideration.
    My full price list doesn't mention Icons, but I typically do them for $15.

    This is probably the best...
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    I really love drawing bats actually! Here...

    I really love drawing bats actually! Here is my full price list.

    I'm currently offering a pencil sketch special as my main deal, but I'd be able to ink and color if you'd like for extra.

  4. Blue Pencil Sketch Special -- Starting at $5

    I recently acquired a pack of blue pencil lead and I really enjoy sketching with it.
    I'm taking on some small sketch commissions to work on between my larger ones.

    First, some examples of my...
  5. Hello all~! Another artist joins the fray.

    I made a Weasyl account months ago. I still love the site and I'm eager to see how it grows and develops. I have faith this site will become better and maybe as active or more than it's biggest...
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