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  1. Google Docs Embed Visible on PC, but Not Mobile (iPhone)

    Basically as the title says. I embedded a Google Document into a submission, which I can view from my computer. But when I try to view it from my iPhone, it just shows up as white. What gives?
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    Ah, I see. So basically, following someone is...

    Ah, I see. So basically, following someone is akin to adding them to your Watch list on FA. Friending them is a more exclusive "club" on Weasyl.
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    Following vs Friends

    I know this is probably a stupid question, but please humor me.

    What is the difference between following someone and friending them?
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    database error

    Literally, that is what's now popping up on the main Weasyl site, not including the forums here. Is this intentional or something that needs fixed?
  5. Nice to meet you too! :thumbsup:

    Hi and nice to meet you, fellow newbie! :P

    Nice to meet you too! :thumbsup:
  6. I was upset and was venting. But guess nobody...

    If you looked at other threads, you'd notice the one about the password resets. You wrote in the title "This is the last straw!", making that the center of attention compared to the password reset...
  7. No, I had to tell everyone that I couldn't log...

    Yes, I remember you. You had to tell EVERYONE you were leaving, not that you didn't make a good choice; this place's potential is crazy.

    No, I had to tell everyone that I couldn't log back in to...
  8. I'm Leaving Behind FurAffinity to Come Here So Let Me Introduce Myself

    UPDATE: My gallery is beginning to populate, starting with my older content. Though perhaps for many of you, everything old is new again. So if any of you are into female muscle, then I'm sure you'll...
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