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    ((Is it ok if I necro this? Was looking for a...

    I've only got 1 friend (I wouldn't say he's my bf, we're more like soul-mates though as we think the same about everything. We practically know eachother inside and out!). Your reason is pretty spot...
  2. Mainly quiet--which I don't mind, until it gets...

    Mainly quiet--which I don't mind, until it gets to "Why are you so quiet??"
    I just never know how to answer that, haha. >>;;
  3. I guess I'm only introducing to edit my profile, haha?

    normally i'm too shy to introduce myself, but i gotta prove i'm not a robot, so, hello!
    noticed the forum was actually alive here, so i might poke around. i have a long history of getting shy and...
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