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  1. Hi Cruzo, I would be willing to do a character...

    Sorry for the super slow response x.x, but yeah I was hoping for 1 of 3 things really(and note I only have about 24$ left on steam and I have about $20 more I can get[44$ total but I really don't...
  2. Hello Cruzo, I am interested in your offer....

    Hello Cruzo,

    I am interested in your offer. What were you looking to get done up? Here are some samples of my work:

    Akataras Bselrae
    Greetings from the Krampus
    Jay the Shark
    Check Your...
  3. Excellent! That helps immensely, thank-you very...

    Excellent! That helps immensely, thank-you very much for doing this.
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    Sticky: Dynamic Anatomy...

    Dynamic Anatomy and Dynamic Figure Drawing by Burne Hogarth
    If you are into character design or comic illustration you should add these books to your library if you haven't already. I reference my...
  5. Excellent! Thanks very much for considering my...

    Sorry for the late response to this!

    I will discuss this with the forum team and see what their thoughts are on adding a new section/splitting the marketplace up (as well as see what their ideas...
  6. Suggestion: Subdivide the Marketplace Section


    This is not so much a site suggestion as it is a forum suggestion. Currently the Weasyl Forums has only one section designated for paid work, "Marketplace". This aptly named section...
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    Thanks muchly :D

    Hi Brandon! :)

    ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀
    ☀  Welcome to Weasyl!  ☀
    ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀

    Heyo welcome to the forums.
    Personally I wasn't too surprised. FurAffinity has the same thing and I didn't know...
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    How's it Going Eh!

    The name's Brandon, but my friends call me B-Man.

    I heard about this new Weasyl art site and decided to give it a go. I was surprised to find out that you needed a separate user account for the...
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