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  1. Oh alrighty! Thanks for letting me know, I guess...

    Oh alrighty! Thanks for letting me know, I guess I missed seeing that before o-o
  2. Site Suggestion! Ability to easily move an image from one folder to another.

    I already looked in the 'Common Suggestions' thread, and didn't see this mentioned exactly, though there were other folder related suggestions, so here goes...

    I'd REALLY love the ability to...
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    Gender Dropdown for submissions

    Iunno about everyone else, but I for one think there should be a gender option drop down for submitting new pictures.

    I'm not meaning to sound sexist or anything of the sort, it's more a matter of...
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    Suggestion for Weasyl

    I'd like to suggest having the option to send a collection on the Character page.
    Currently, it's only on normal submissions as far as i can tell, yet completely missing on the character submissions.
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    [SITE] Decided to add a bit onto this o: I would LOVE...

    Decided to add a bit onto this o:
    I would LOVE to see the ability to edit comments somehow. Even if it were only able to be done for a certain amount of time after the initial post, say... you can...
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    [SITE] Feel free to add whatever o3o As for...

    Feel free to add whatever o3o
    As for advertising, d'you mean paid for advertising? Cause i believe i read somewhere that they were already intending to implement artist ads somehow? I could be...
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    [SITE] Some suggestions!

    I just had a few tiny ideas that i think would be nice to have on the site X3 (as I'm sure everyone and there mother does right now) lol
    Hopefully they make sense!

    Firstly, to address the time...
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