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  1. I'll definitely try some of that, looks like it's...

    I'll definitely try some of that, looks like it's just going to be something I have to toy with until I get things to work well.

    Though, I might use this as an excuse to finally upgrade my...
  2. Hm. I'd used that site to calibrate my monitors...

    Left ones are definitely better.

    As for the monitor settings, this is a good place to start with :
    I managed to get my monitors mostly equal with the help from this...
  3. Trying to solve some monitor color issues, help would be appreciated!

    This isn't so much a critique request as it is just a general help ask, I suppose?

    I just had some prints made of my art, and while things looked great on my monitor, everything turned out really...
  4. Thread: ACen 2014

    by typoedheart

    ACen 2014
    Just a couple weeks away now, May 16th!

    Anyone around here going to Anime Central this year? Since it's a big con I'm sure there's at least one other person on here going,...
  5. Replies

    Fantasy Painter open for commission

    I'm trying to get a bit of extra spending money for a convention I'm heading to in a month or so, so I'm doing a commission push again.

    Full information can be found on here if you'd like a...
  6. Post-holiday commissions, sketches starting at $5

    So, my wonderful employer kept most of our seasonal hires at work. I love most of them, but they're cutting into my hours something fierce. I'm down to between 15-20 hours a week, which will keep...
  7. Obligatory introduction thread, I suppose?

    Hello, I guess I'm being made to do something like this, even though I'm awful at talking about myself.

    I've been on the site for a couple days now, and I'm already really liking the atmosphere...
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