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    FINALLY!! I got so tired of people making their...

    FINALLY!! I got so tired of people making their thumbnails a zoomed in view of a face when theres so much more to be seen. Thank you for doing this!!!!!
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    Journals etc.

    The preview thing when typing is definitely not necessary. Simpler is better. We dont need to be seeing double.

    The way you have the site set up when you go to see a comment or a journal it goes...
  3. [SITE] Thumbnail selection tool deceiving and unnecessary

    I have on more than one occasion seen peoples posts where they zoom in on an eye or a nose or some random anatomy part and not show the entire artwork. This zoom in feature sucks. I delete posts that...
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    [SITE] Thumbnail images Deceptive

    I have been seeing a lot of posts lately showing close ups of a face or even the eye when in fact theres an entire character there or even something unusual going on in the image that I dont expect....
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