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    Practice Drawings

    Here is some practice drawings I got from a website that lets me practice draw anatomy.*It's safe to say I suck :c
  2. This Wolf Want's to Draw Things. For FREE!!!

    I'm wanting to expand my attempts of art, so I'll be taking request for the time being

    1:I don't draw fetishes or porn, just...
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    Ziggs's Box of Sketches.

    Well, Here I will be posting some sketches of mine.

    Here's the first one, a muskular dragon.
  4. 1:ZiggyZaggerz 2:...

    3:For what I'm aware of, nothing
  5. Thoughts on my current art and where to improve

    Hey, I'm new to drawing, and I'm very negative in the view to my art. People say I'm decent, but at times my hands can't respond to what I want to draw T.T

    Anyway, here's some the art I want you...
  6. ...welp, I know I'm gonna like it here.

    Ziggs is here to drop the bomb!

    Ho hoo - I'm so good. Hexplosive, even.

    ...welp, I know I'm gonna like it here.
  7. Oh, look, an amature artist, I bet you've never seen that before...

    Yeah, sarcastic title aside, My name is Ziggs. Well, my real name is Casen, but in the internet world, I like being called Ziggs.

    I'm a traditional artist (without a scanner, mind you :/ ) who...
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