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10-12-2012, 01:11 PM
First off would like to say I'm liking the site and everything is moving along smoothly ^^

Suggestion 1: Now as for my suggestions the first one is about the folder system. I've noted you can make folder in folder yada yada, though I don't know if other would agree, I think it would be better if as your go down through folders its like a filter if that makes sense.

Here I'll give an example: You have your commissions(folder), which contains all your commissions. As you go down in folders it narrows what your looking at, so say commissions(folder) > flat color(folder) and it would show you the flat color commissions.

Suggestion 2: For the commission information on everyone's page, I think it would clean things up a bit if the categories worked like drop downs, click on them and they display the commission information for that group, also having an expand all button.

Suggestion 3: and I'm sure its already been mentioned but when you click on an art notification only to have to click on another one to get to the options for them.

Sugg1: folders contain things and as you move down through the folders its filters down to what folder your looking in.
Sugg2: commissions on profile work like drop-down menus
Sugg3: art notification to view submissions to get to options is a bit of a hassle


sorry theres actually a couple more things i wanted to add that i forgot, was having friends/following/followed by displayed on the user page or the option to have it displayed. i like to art crawl and its the main way i find new artist is by looking through people that are watching artist i like.

also i dont know if you can, i haven't come across it yet, but a way to search by or for a user

10-12-2012, 01:51 PM
There actually are subfolders in the folders options. just make a parent folder and create other folders in the parent folder.

10-12-2012, 02:28 PM
There actually are subfolders in the folders options. just make a parent folder and create other folders in the parent folder.

i do realize there are sub folders, what i was trying to suggest is when you look in a folder you view all the things in that and as you go down the sub folders it constrains what your looking at. sorry im not that great at explaining ^^;

say looking in commissions folder you would see everything including whats in the sub folders and then you click on a sub folder and it would show you only whats in the subfolder. so as your stepping down through the folders it filters what your looking at

i dont know if i explained it any better but i try XP

10-12-2012, 02:38 PM
I agree with #2 and #3.

(1 was already answered.)

With #2 a drop down would be super handy. Takes up less of the page and whatnot. Or perhaps have the artist have the option of using a drop down or how to display it? Perhaps being able to display for what commissions are open and which are closed? I know i only offer certain things at a time when i open for them usually.

#3 being able to view all of it on one page instead of clicking to get to another page to view would be awesome. and having a "nuke submissions" button on the front page to get rid of all. (right now especially, there are things i've already seen and i dont really want to have to go through a lot of them. So being able to nuke from the front page is better imo then having to go through them all on seperate pages. Not to mention there isnt a "nuke all" button on the individual pages either. Sure you can invert selection and delete. But if theres more then just that page, it only selects that on page. Which i think is good. But a nuke option should be there too :)

10-12-2012, 10:03 PM
He's trying to explain #1 as just being a breakdown, filtering the parent folder using the tags placed on submissions within it. As he said in his example...
Parent Folder - Commissions (of all types can be viewed when you click this folder)
Sub Folder #1 - Skecthes & Doodles (Only doodles may be viewed when you click this folder)
Sub Folder #2 - Lineart & Inks (Only lineart and inked images may be viewed when this folder is active)
etc etc..

He knows you can have sub-folders but I suppose he'd like a different sort, sub-folders than automatically filters out the parent folder submissions.