View Full Version : Suggestion: Stream Notifications

10-11-2012, 04:50 PM
Hi there!

After getting an invite via donation and looking over the site, I noticed there was a streaming notification system in place.
As a convenience, the notification on a user's profile could be made into a toggle switch that allows the user to change from Offline, Streaming Later, and Streaming now.
If the user has no streaming information entered, clicking on the offline icon would show a link suggesting they enter the information or give the option to hide it from their page for now. This way, people who have no intent to stream can remove it from their page but it makes it more convenient and more noticeable to users who might want to use that system.

In all honesty, I had overlooked the feature at first and even when I stumbled on it, didn't think to look in Profile Settings to find the toggle. Some more visibility would help avoid this.