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10-09-2012, 10:48 PM
Earlier today, Vancoufur made a group (https://www.weasyl.com/groupprofile?groupid=36) for their con.

That got me thinking how we(asyl) can facilitate cons. At this moment, cons make, say, FA accounts for the hell of it, just to be in the community and make public face. But I'm wondering if Weasyl can offer something that can be of use for established conventions or even start up cons and events.

Maybe we could allow them to integrate their programming into their groups. help them in say, setting up livestreams of key events like dance comps, GoH speeches and raves that are broadcasted/linked on the front page. Perhaps even add a feature where users can click a button on these profiles to indicate they are heading to this con. Something like "(weasyl user) is attending this event" along with a list or icon mosaic of users.

Someone messaged me on Skype and provided an idea that expanded on the thought:

maybe not a calendar with all the cons but like
a page where you can put what you're going to?
That would be rather nifty
I mean, Weasyl seems to be doing a fine job of cleaning up journals like STREAMING NOW FOR THE NEXT TWO HOURS (submitted four hours ago) or COMMISSION PRICES V 3.1.1B
"Anyone going to XCON" would be the next logical one

So I'm posting this here in the general space to see what you guys think. Would you think this would be useful? Any other ideas to build on it? If anything I just want to get the ball rolling and see what you guys have to say on it. :>

10-09-2012, 11:09 PM
It would be awesome to see group pages get an event-creating tool, similar to facebooks event pages. This would be far overused and abused for the average user, but for groups (especially with a sort of approval or verification process) it would be awesome! This could include attending statuses for group members, individual con planners/calendars for attendees (could be printed out, or if the coding is possible, do a coachella-style "plan-your-con" sort of app within the site).

A livestream page for groups could prove SUPER beneficial, not only for the actual event, but for the years and months leading up to it - ESPECIALLY in planning new events. Groups could set up a livestream to host meetings for planning, etc. and then use the same channel to broadcast content live from the convention itself. All in all it could really add an interactive element to con planning that's a full step above a simple forum. (It'd be rad to see Weasyl do something like that! Live staff meetings/discussions would be awesome!)

On an unrelated note, from an FA comment today:

from this point on I'm going to start calling Weasyl "the weez"


10-10-2012, 01:44 AM
Sofurry has a neat idea, now i know we dont really want to copy, but they have conventions and event listings that pop up on their home page now. Its a recent upgrade for them and honestly i'm loving it. To be able to see whats coming up and search the event listings all over the world.


I will be talking with the VancouFur staff and seeing what they'd like to see :3

10-10-2012, 01:40 PM
I love the idea of convention groups having event listing! :)

Perhaps to prevent potential abuse of the event system groups which wish to make use of it must be approved? ie, a local furry meet group has an event page that reoccurs weekly for a coffee house meetup, but generally speaking a group that is dedicated to dragons being dragons doesn't have en event page at all. If the latter group wants to coordinate their members to meet at a convention/coffee shop/WoW server they can do so through a journal discussion.

The criteria here being that the local furry meetup and the convention are events in and of themselves, but the dragons being dragons group is dedicated more to an idea or type of character than an event. If the dragons group is having a meetup at AnthroCon they contact AC staff and have them list them as a meetup on their website/event page.