View Full Version : QAQ Help with names??

Sona Artist
03-10-2016, 03:18 AM
So I made this OC/Fusona
Who basically represents me as a whole
Unlike my other Fursonas who represents other smaller parts of me like Levity, in short, she represents my camping and adventures side
or Lucas who represents who I want to be and if I was a guy

BUT, then I have this girl
Who I just CAN NOT NAME!!!
I DONT want to her to have my actual name, I HATE it, I don't like my name, my mom hates when people shorten my name, but honestly I love and adore when people shorten it

So....please help, ANY names that you think would fit her would be amazing, doesn't matter, could be weird, cool, normal, in another language

Heres her traits and a few likes(mainly mine I guess)

Odd ball/goof, loud, hyper, sarcastic, lazy/procrastinator, very family oriented, easy to tick off, prideful, envious at times, messy but organized. Loves art, anime, lava lamps, snow globes, and Alpaca plushies, listens to too much music, easily frustrated, great listener, likes to give advice, clumsy, forgetful.

03-10-2016, 03:11 PM
First glance at her, I thought "Jambori/Jamboree" would fit her.