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02-12-2016, 11:43 AM
Hello. I have quite a bit of artwork that I would really appreciate if someone game me some critique and tips about what I should fix.

https://cdn.weasyl.com/static/media/ca/a3/32/caa332fa4cd29f3f2b4cca4eb2a733318a49cad5150b2fcd25 48cbdcc4906448.pnghttps://cdn.weasyl.com/static/media/92/ce/ff/92ceff1761ef105981b4067686717b48a400c9ac32163f6f63 57bbb6e4ff8c8e.png https://i.imgur.com/sx993n7.jpghttps://i.imgur.com/Ba8kph6.png

02-13-2016, 01:50 PM
The local color of objects (the colors you chose for costume design) are spot on. There's issues with shading and shadowing, but for the colors themselves, I think you have a pretty good grasp at choosing what colors your costumes will be.


First thing I noticed was the eyes. The furthest eye is way too small. There will be a slight difference due to perspective, but it won't be that drastic. I'm not sure what your construction drawing looked like. I always request to see progress images of a drawing because it's a lot easier to spot the root of the problem that way than making an assumption as to what caused it, but errors like this are usually caused by not doing a (proper) construction drawing. Your red panda girl has this issue with the eye as well.

The armpit needs to go higher. The third drawing has this issue as well. Study how the shoulder girdle works and where the muscles attach to each bone. There's surprisingly little in the front of the shoulder that keeps the arm attached.

The way she is holding that purse, or box, or whatever that is, is awkward. Usually when someone holds something it is parallel with the direction of the body because that is the most natural position. Judging by the hand position here, the paw-like hands on the red panda, and the hands being held together on the third image, I would guess that you don't feel confident drawing hands which is why they are posed the way they are. So work on that. An art director can tell when someone who submits a portfolio can't draw hands because they are constantly hiding them: hands in pockets, arms folded, etc. We can totally tell when an artist does that.

Rad Sechrist had a really good class recording about drawing hands and feet, but the Adobe Connect link seems to be dead. Here's some of his images of his hand construction tips.


Milt Kahl was really good at drawing hands. If you want some examples by a master, google "milt kahl hands" and study those. Almost all of it are really bony male hands, but at least the underlying construction shows through well in those. It's just a matter of smoothing the angles out and making the bones skinnier to make them more feminine.

The knee has two dips in it, the inside and the outside. It's actually more pronounced than what I had red-lined, but look at some reference and see how it looks. The dip is also a lot smoother and less pinched on the outside of the leg. So where I drew the center of the dip is about right but where it starts is higher up.

Lastly there's the boots. Because the boots are below the horizon line, you'll see the top of the boots. Treat them like a cylinder.

There's some other issues with the pose and tangents but I think construction should be your focus for now.