View Full Version : [SITE] Character submissions, gallery navigation

10-08-2012, 02:01 PM
Two more things - I'm beginning to think I should collect these all into one massive mega-post.

Similar to story submissions, it would be helpful/nice/useful/good to be able to select an image already uploaded to associate with a character submission; ideally, the user should be able to select either something they've uploaded or something in their collections. This way, if they've commissioned a ref sheet from an artist and the artist offered it to them as a collection, they don't have to re-upload it.

Second, when viewing a submission, I would love to have links to the various parts of the artist's gallery - submissions, literary, characters, etc. As it is now, looking at my own stuff or someone else's, I have to click on their icon then navigate to their gallery, then select submissions, literary, characters, journals, each time. Or am I missing the point of something in the site design?

Third, collections. My perception of this feature - and please correct me if I'm wrong - is that it's intended to reduce redundant uploads by giving a way for an artist to "share" a submission with the person who commissioned it, so it will show up in both parties' galleries (or more than two, if the artist did a multi-person commission). If my perception is correct, one thing I would like to see is a way for the commissioner(s) to be able to add their own details to the image. Ideally, details posted by the artist should not be editable by anyone else, and details added by a collection member should only appear when the item is viewed from their gallery.

For example, Taasla did a picture of my character Isra Malai. She offered it to me as a collection. I would like to be able to add my own details to the write-up. I should not be able to change anything Taasla wrote, and when Taasla (or anyone else) looks at the image in her gallery, my details should not appear. They should appear ONLY when the item is viewed as part of my gallery.

Alternatively (if coding things to be visible depending on where it's seen and whether it's a full moon and so on is a nightmare), when I, as a member of the collection, add details, they should appear maybe in a boxed section with a header to the effect of "GingerM, a member of this collection, added the following details:" and then they show up for anyone, viewed from anywhere.