View Full Version : A couple thoughts/suggestions

08-09-2015, 06:09 AM
Sorry if this isn't well-phrased; I can't think of how to say it much better. ^^;

I'm new to Weasyl, and though I've had an enjoyable experience so far, I do have a couple comments and suggestions.

The first is that I'm not fond of the submission backgrounds being quite so dark. This may just be an aesthetic preference (I generally prefer light colours), but because most of my submissions don't have backgrounds/aren't a pure rectangle, I kind of think that the background colour looms over/overshadows my art.

The second is that I mostly work in animated pixels, and the animations don't show in any preview. Animation is a big part of the effort I put into it, and I think a big part of what attracts people to my art - so if it's not possible to show the preview animated (I have been submitting them into "Animation"), could there be a tag or something similar that shows that it is animated?

The third is that I would love if we could organize our works into multiple folders - though I understand that that could quickly become complicated. :cautious:

The last is that I would love if we could organize our Favorites into different folders.

Er, yeah... just some thoughts! :thumbsup: