View Full Version : Content ordering in folders - possibly a simple fix?

08-08-2015, 02:59 AM
I know there are a number of requests relating to folder management already posted here, but it occurred to me that one fix might resolve several problems: An either-or toggle allowing content in a folder to be ordered either newest-to-oldest or oldest-to-newest. This should be simply a filter for date created information that's already associated with each content item. An oldest-to-newest option would make it fairly simple to organize sequential content like a comic or a chaptered story within a content folder. At present, if you upload in order from chapter 1 to chapter 10, newest-to-oldest means your story will end up running from chapter 10 to 1. If it's easier to both upload and read or view a folder in proper order, you may solve a lot of the related issues regarding sequential content. Just a thought.

Thanks for all of your work in putting Weasyl together - it's a great site, hard to believe it's a beta product.