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07-14-2015, 12:30 AM
I'm not sure how to make folders and what I actually do with them.
I am sure that this is a silly stupid question, but I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing.

07-14-2015, 01:54 AM
well, it's vague but I'll do my best

simply put folders are a way to organize your submissions. You can give them names and put folders inside of folders, just like on your computer. To make a folder, you click "Settings"
and under the "Preferences" section, the "Submission folders" link.

This will take you to what could be called a menu of sorts. Here you can create, rename, move or remove a folder or edit the options of an existing folder.
If you want to set special options for a folder you have to make it first and then click the link for options. But, the settings that exist currently will let you:

- designate a folder as 'featured', meaning its contents will be used for the big picture on your profile rather than your most recent submission.
- prevent submissions to this folder from generating notifications to your watchers, useful if you are uploading a backlog of submissions or otherwise want to keep the submission from appearing to people
- prevent them from appearing on the weasyl front page (hopefully obvious)
- prevent them from appearing on your profile or submissions, meaning (1) the most recent section, (2) the strip of submissions at the top of your profile should you have submissions set to appear there, (3) the page at weasyl.com/yourname/submissions. Note that people will still be able to see these submissions if they click the name of the folder itself, so it does not hide them entirely from casual view.

does that help

07-14-2015, 11:29 PM
No, not really, that doesn't really answer my question.
I have seen that mentioned in a couple other forums talking about Folders but it just stops there. What do I do from there?
I have tried making a couple folders but nothing happens, No folders ever appear in my gallery.

07-15-2015, 12:01 AM
ok well, if you followed what I wrote above then I don't really know why you don't have folders.
I mean that's really all there is to it, you make a folder then you can put submissions in it. Maybe try it again?

07-15-2015, 12:35 AM
I did what you said, I made several folders called "test" but I don't see them anywhere. So unless they are in a special section I'm not seeing, I don't seem to have any. Also how do you put submissions in the folders? Can they only place submissions into the folders when you submit them because that is the only place I have seen mentioned about placing a pic into a folder.

07-15-2015, 01:17 AM
For submissions that have already been created, you can change which folder they go under with the "Edit Submission Details" link under your submission's description.
I looked at your profile and unless I'm mistaken too, you don't appear to have any folders that I can see. I just tried making a new one myself and it worked for me. So I'm flummoxed.

07-15-2015, 02:46 AM
where are they suppose to be?

07-15-2015, 09:59 AM
on the submissions page, there should be a segment on the left side of the screen that shows your folders

07-15-2015, 01:23 PM
I don't even seem to have that tab at all. :/
What is wrong?

07-19-2015, 07:17 PM
Hello Anubis, I have made a full Step by Step Visual tutorial as to How to Create a folder.
I don't know if newly Created Folders do not Appear until there is a Submission Within the Folder??? is that A thing?


Also, a note to Noxid and other admins.
An Artist Community is a Very Visual Based Community, and Sometimes
an entirely visual tutorial, accompanied by textual tutorial can really help people here.

Going through step by step with image References can make all the Difference
for people to be able to understand something or not. I, myself, have had
an extremely difficult time trying to read through textual tutorials people have made.
That's just me, though.

07-20-2015, 09:51 AM
Yes, that help a lot. Thank you.
I kept taking it that you had to go through the folder and put pics in but you had to go to the pic and put it in the folder. When I couldn't find that folder tab, I didn't know what I was suppose to do. Once I put a pic into the folder, that tab appeared in my gallery.
It is a slow process going to each pic and dropping it into the folder, but once the catch up was done, it would be easier to maintain it with new submissions.
Thank you very much for your help. They need to link people who need help with folders to this. It didn't confuse me in the slightest and walked me step by step through everything. ^,..,^