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06-27-2015, 07:32 AM
I'm about to unleash my inner self. Quite literally! But in a very cartoony fashion, that is.

So I've been wondering how much is too much for the rating system and I'd like some advice on this before I submit any work.

(General) - The rules say a bit of blood and silly violence is okay.
(13+) - Now some actual violence is okay, as long as it's not grotesque or sexual.
(18+) - Disembowelment and pretty bad owies become acceptable.

Mind help me studying some cases?
I've grouped some examples for this. ~NSFW warning for every link below!~

Example 1 - Detailed, but (almost) no blood and makes use of fantasy colors:

Example 2 - Stylized, with a bit of gooey blood that looks kinda like some happy-flavored syrup:

Example 3 - Stylized, fantasy colors too, but some organs are shown. The disemboweled piņata is made out of candy!

Example 4 - Itchy & Scratchy tier - cartoony, but some actual blood and viscera-colored stuff shows up:

Example 5 - South Park or Happy Tree Friends, which are cartoony but very dramatic and a gorefest.
This one is just in order to set some sort of extreme parameter for a 18+ "Toon Gore", in comparison to the rather family-friendly Itchy & Scratchy.

So then again, I see users in general will put it under 18+ just in case, but is it really necessary? Could lungs and brains possibly be cute and heartwarming? :x3:
With enough examples left to start all the discussion, I will also give a snippet of what I'm working on.


- It contains a disembowelment.
- Fantasy colors will most likely be used.
- No blood, except for a puddle there by the butt (those by the mouth/tongue are saliva).

What do you guys say?


As for tags, is there a term to describe this kind of drawing which I'm missing?
I find actual gore not as interesting - as people try to give it a grim tone instead of silly - and a way to separate those in the search would be welcome.
If there isn't one, may I (we) adopt the term "toongore" and start tagging around the pieces which fit the given examples?

That's about it!

06-27-2015, 01:25 PM
I'll go through your examples and say what we would usually rate these sort of things.

1. It'd be consider 18+ Mature/Explicit, since it is "excessive" in gore detail and could be considered disturbing, despite the lack of blood.

2. These would be Moderate. There is active amputation going on but it's very cartoony in detail and not very realistic.

3. Moderate as well. There are guts and gore but again, toony and not realistic.

4. The first one is riding the line a bit but it'd likely be placed in Moderate, since the cutting up is excessive. Remember our toony violence for General cites 'Tom and Jerry' as an example, and this one would be pushing that line.
The second image would be General. There is no real gore or blood with Scratchy's face coming off and the skull is toony.
The third image could go either way but it'd probably be okay for General. There's a decent amount of blood but there's no gore or guts or real detail going on in it.

5. Without specific examples its hard to tell, but knowing how South Park and Happy Tree Friends' violence tends to be, I'd reckon at least Moderate depending on the situation and context.

With your image that you're working on, as it is now I'd say it's fine for Moderate. There's guts and stuff sure but it's pretty not detailed as it is. The thing is, this could possible change when you color it, if you decide to add a lot of detail in the viscera and guts, it'd likely push the rating up. We'd likely be able to tell you a more definite rating category that it'd be suited for once it's colored :)

As for tags, I've actually seen candy_gore be used for more bright, vibrant cartoony gore before. Maybe that could work for you?

06-28-2015, 02:17 AM
Hey, Fiz, thanks for the comprehensive answer!

I'm glad Moderate is this inclusive, then.
Here are the colored pictures. After reading your guidelines, I believe it's still fine for Moderate, then. Is it?



I've also taken the time to analyze some tag combinations over Weasyl:

toongore (1 image)
cartoongore (1 image)
candygore (5 images)
toon_gore (14 images)
cartoon_gore (17 images)
candy_gore (45 images)
candy_guro (2 images)
any of the above combinations with guro (0 images)

I'm not sure though if "candy_gore" is implying a relation with actual candy or piņatas.
Should I tag people's colorful gore with it? Or with one of the runner ups, toon_gore/cartoon_gore, which are more broad in sense?