View Full Version : Suggestion: LINE QR support in contact info

04-23-2015, 04:53 AM
LINE (line.me) is starting to take off as a replacement for Skype. Unlike Skype, though, LINE is made for and requires a phone, with the PC app almost being kind of an afterthought. Adding friends is mainly done by scanning QR codes. Example (mine):


You can search for an account ID the old fashioned way, but this is less ideal, as having an account ID is actually entirely optional on Line, and unlike the QR code, it's unchangeable once it's set. It would be nice to have support for embedding your LINE QR code in your profile page's contact info on Weasyl.

Difficulties with implementation: the QR code does not appear to be hosted on the web at all unless you upload it somewhere yourself – the app generates it as needed. You also cannot determine the information contained in the QR code from the account ID or any other readily accessible profile information to generate one without the app. It would require either uploading the QR image directly to Weasyl, permitting an arbitrary image link, or scanning the QR with an ordinary reader app to paste the string into Weasyl to re-generate it (unwieldy).