View Full Version : [SITE] Did they read my note?

04-22-2015, 04:21 PM
It's as the title says. I'm coming from fur affinity and I know that on there you can look at the outbox and see your note bolded and such if it was never read but I have no clue how to tell on here. I'm just trying to figure out if an artist is there and ignoring me or something since it's been over a month since I've received a response.

Thank you much!


I found a friend (took forever) who has an account on the site. We tried sending messages back and forth, testing what things looked like before and after they checked. I can only see what messages I'VE not checked... and even then there's a big envelope icon at the top to warn me I have unread. Outbox has no sort of detection for that kind of stuff for whatever unexplained reason.