View Full Version : Willing to do stories for you for free.

12-13-2014, 10:47 PM
I REALLY want to get into writing but notice I am inexperience with stories. Please give me your story ideas to help me!

12-14-2014, 02:27 AM
Ok here's one
write a story about a person who has to do their laundry but the only laundry machine is guarded by the ghost of Tony Hawk who demands they perform a 720 as tribute.

12-14-2014, 11:19 AM
I love it! beautiful

12-15-2014, 03:18 PM
A guy walking down the street, not paying any attention, texting on his phone oblivious to everything.
He hits a key on the phone and suddenly the phone has no service, he looks up and discovers that he in now deep in some ancient forest.

12-16-2014, 03:51 AM
A woman with Gingivitis Artefacta struggles with her sense of self, perception, and an ever increasing ennui when a chance encounter with an ID creature and a stripper named Sincerest Apology lead her on the path to learning to love herself again