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12-08-2014, 01:52 AM

I joined the site earlier this year as part of the FA exodus and ran into issues with managing mass amounts of notifications - much of which was alleviated by the category nuke options.


However, the "Followers" notifications section is not usefully addressed by only nuking the whole section. What would be needed are additional, nuanced controls for: Following Back and/or Friending each follower on the spot - right there on the same page.


At the moment I have +700 such notifications. I am reluctant to nuke the section because it is the only data I have easily in one place. What I would like to do is friend and follow back most, if not all, of these accounts. To do this by hand would be burdensome, one at a time.


In January, when I joined the site, I initially did nothing more than lump this into general suggestions for addressing many issues with notifications, along with many other people struggling with managing the notification page. Because it seemed to be a general concern, and because I was reassured that Weasyl staff were aware and responsive to users, I chose to wait and see how things worked out.

I held off since January on making much real use of the site, and instead just checked in from time to time - until recently in September I saw that some of the issues with Notifications had been addressed by category nukes. So it seems that the user feedback system worked, and progress had been made to everybody's benefit - Great!


However, the added features to Notifications do not address the unique needs of the Followers category. There are social tools that would significantly help foster the ease of networking and community growth that simply adding a nuke option does not do.


- If I want to friend and follow anybody who I see has followed me, then I have to do a bunch of clicking and loading and navigating around, per name. For a few people, this is fine - for several hundred, this is a significant obstacle to networking and building community.


I chose not to publicly make a fuss about something that might well only apply to my particular situation, and so I instead contacted support@weasyl.com with my concern on 9/24/14.

[NOTE: I don't know what the rules are for posting direct emails here, so I will paraphrase] I explained all this and asked for any information on possible additional tools for managing Followers right on the Notification page.

I mentioned that, personally, my situation is overwhelming for me to manage one-at-a-time. And so if it was impractical for this kind of mass tool to be made available to take care of it myself, could any particular attention be given to my situation and could someone please set me follow back and friend the +700 Notified Followers I have listed. It would be easier for me to go through one-at-a-time and unfollow and unfriend the ones I don't want instead(!)


I then waited, again assured that Weasyl was aware and responsive to user input and concerns. That was back on 9/24/14. After no acknowledgement of receipt or response about content, I then dug around for more resources and found that other people have mentioned and suggested these additional social tools for managing Followers on the Notification page. Specifically, there are several Redmine pages submitted by different users about this very thing.

[NOTE: As with quoting emails, I'm not sure on the call out policy, so I won't point to the Redmine pages directly. However, if this is permissible, I'm happy to include direct links to these pages.]

Great! So I'm not alone with my concern. I saw that the issues were all directed to one particular developer, and that updates were initially regular, but that the last update was a while ago. So instead of more public airing of concerns, I contacted that person directly on 11/25/14 with a copy of the initial email from 9/24/14 sent to support@weasyl.com that had no response. And again to paraphrase, I mentioned that I was aware of the Redmine pages and that the issue was assigned. I suggested what might be useful for my situation, but ultimately was just looking for any update or information on the subject.

I have yet to hear anything still on the matter. And there has been no new updates on Redmine, though there has been other online activity by the developer since my email, which is puzzling to say the least.


So now I'm not sure what else to do. This post right now is something I am making only after:

- waiting since January (when I first came to Weasyl) for the issue to be resolved along with other Notification page issues and seeing that it wasn't,

- contacting support@weasyl.com with my issue directly and waiting with no response,

- informing myself further on the matter and seeing that similar issues have been raised and assigned, though apprently progress has stalled,

- contacting the assigned developer with my issue directly and waiting with no response,

- and now looking around for browser add-ons that might help manage this issue myself.


The last point above is where I am now, and why I'm posting here to hopefully a wider, more informed and responsive group.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do next with enlisting the help or drawing the attention of Weasyl staff officially through some formal channel that I may have missed?

Does anyone know of any hacks or browser add ons that can manage this sort of issue? Specifically friending and following back accounts from my Notification page that have followed me? Nuking the category is not useful. Addressing each follower account one by one - by hand - is not useful.

Has anyone gotten unique help from Weasyl staff for such an issue? Is it a waste of time to try? I have waited for almost a year to make full use of Weasyl, and I am still stumped by frustration when I check in. While at the same time I see suggestion of Weasyl staff being accessible, accommodating, and responsive in other situations.

I am reluctant to post full texts from emails or point to linked Redmine pages with names attached, in light of callout policies - but I am happy to provide such information directly in private messages if it will help me make use of Weasyl sooner than later as the awesome site I know it to be for so many others users.

[Incidentally, if I could select the whole Follower section from the Notification page and Follow Back with one click. And then from the Accounts Following page select all and Friend them in that way, then it would still help reduce the clicking around. If that's any easier to implement by moving some of the functionality I'm asking for off the Notification page. Basically better social tools for the site, please. Thank you.]

12-08-2014, 03:43 AM
Hi there,

Sorry you didn't receive a response from the email. That said, the forums are definitely a great place to make site-related suggestions as it enables discussion both with the staff and the community at large.

I'm curious what some of the ideas you had were for improving the followers notifications center? Please feel free to give as much information as you have on the matter! We're always looking for new ideas and feedback.

You're also free to link to any relevant Redmine tickets on the issue, as it is a public bug tracker and all are welcome to use it.

Thank you!

12-27-2014, 08:22 PM
There's a similar issue for mass actions (follow journals/characters/submissions etc.) on *users you follow* at https://redmine.weasyl.com/issues/168 . Anyone aware of a Redmine bug regarding mass actions on users who follow you (friend, unfriend, ... unfollow maybe)? If not, let's make one.

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There's a similar issue for mass actions (follow journals/characters/submissions etc.) on *users you follow* at https://redmine.weasyl.com/issues/168 . Anyone aware of a Redmine bug regarding mass actions on users who follow you (friend, unfriend, ... unfollow maybe)? If not, let's make one.