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07-14-2014, 04:11 PM
So I bought myself DCS A10-C flight sim, and to go with that I ordered a Saitek x55 Rhino Hotas to replace my old-as-hell t.flight stick X. All those extra buttons ought to come in handy on the hotas.
After fucking about with the plane I now know and remember how to cold start the plane and get it airborne without aid, and some basics of weapons systems. So far really challenging, but also really rewarding when you do get things right.

I picked A10-C because it's an iconic plane and it's got all the buttons to press with functionality in the cockpit. I could've got the Black Shark 2 for the same reasons, but because my buddy wanted an A10, I got it to fly alongside hime and tutor him as he knows nothing yet.
So far I love GBUs. They're essentially mavericks, only bombs and thus manlier. Retard bombs are fun for leveling a smallish area, and I can't wait to drop a few cluster bombs, which I think will become my faves.

Any other DCS players?
Fave aircraft?
Weapon of choice?

Also a Flight sim general thread.