View Full Version : Cartoon: Sean piche gets grounded for shoplifting

01-24-2014, 08:10 PM
Ok many of you have heard of the classic genre of go animate videos where someone does somethinf and then gets grounded for it
well this is a new one that is very funny haha

The video tag is broken someone fix it for me

01-24-2014, 08:20 PM
"In order to not get caught I must become a baby. A digimon baby!"

I completely lost it at this part in gigglesnorts. The text-to-speech voices just add to the hilarity. A right giggle!

edit: finished watching it, may throw a debate storm again.

Fay V
01-24-2014, 08:38 PM
please refrain from posting inflammatory threads. WE do not want to get the reputation for being an FA attack site.