View Full Version : Digital commissions open!

01-20-2014, 02:30 PM
Haha, hey there everyone. So, i've decided to go ahead and open commissions because I have things I need to pay for, and well, I really can't afford most of it right now. So anyways, i'd really appreciate if you took a look at my examples and what not.

My commissions price guide is right here (http://fav.me/d6xaic5)

I don't have all of my art work here on Weasyl sadly, but for examples of my furry art, you can check my gallery here.
For examples of more humanoid artwork, you can check my Deviantart (http://ploofy-floop.deviantart.com/). That's where most of my stuff is at.

Feel free to message me here or on deviantart, either one.
I'm pretty willing to do just about anything, so just ask.
The only things I won't do are excessive gore, and 18+ themes.