View Full Version : Commissions Open: $5 Iron Artist Slots, Preposes/YCH, Custom Commissions

01-19-2014, 09:37 PM
Open for all sorts of commissions at the moment!

First off, I have my $5 Iron Artist Commissions, examples:

$5 gets a full-body piece, fully inked and colored.

These are $5 because they are half the size of my normal art, they are non-complex, they are done fast and in one sitting. Some errors might occur. There is no input, you give me the ref of your character, I draw that character. There is no feedback stage, these are done quickly.

You can give me a word or two to describe the character, but that is all.

These are also ALL CLEAN RATED. If you'd like an adult one, there is an extra $2 charge

I also have many many prepose/ych commissions open for reduced prices, ranging from $5 to $15. Take a look in my gallery and see if any catch your interest.


And lastly, I have custom commissions open. I specialize in bondage, tentacles, inflation/deflation/vinyl.
A few examples: