View Full Version : hey who wants some KONEKO ARTS?????

08-05-2012, 12:00 PM
thats a rhetorical question you all do

just gonna copypaste most of this from tumbls but my laptop burnt out so I'm offering some CHEAPO PAY AS YOU WANT COMMISSIONS to try and accumulate some funds for a new one

you can find examples of my works HERE (http://konekoarts.deviantart.com/)! I'll draw p much anything nsfw or not, but I am not terribly skilled at drawing detailed machinery/vehicles or SUPER MANLY MEN so keep that in mind (I'll try my damndest at p much anything tho lol)

I’m p much going on a ‘pay as you want’-esqe basis so the gist is

$1-$5 gets you a sketch
$5-$12 gets you inks
$12-20 gets you full colouring (digital or cel shaded)
and $20+ gets you a digital painting

(hopefully thats reasonable enough idk how pricing even works)

My general commission info is here (http://konekoarts.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d53ghdq) so please hit me up at Dragomew@hotmail.com if you’re interested! I’ll be taking tips and shit too so yeah!!