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11-16-2013, 12:21 PM
Hey y'all how is it going?
I am currently open for commission work. I love to create, and I want to create for you! I enjoy taking commissions, and I put effort to bring you the best and most awesome content!

Check out my (Weasyl) Gallery at: http://www.weasyl.com/profile/quofalcon

Currently, I only take PAYPAL. Also looking into some other methods like google checkout or Alert Pay.

The sort of things I tend to commonly work on are: Pinups and porn and rule34, fan art, landscape/scenery, character design and sheets, Logo, Banner and Ads, animation, comic/manga book, portrait and busts, community/forum icons, clay-sculpture (figurines and custom toys), and other odds n ends.

Contact at QuoFalcon@yahoo.com

1.Contact me through e-mail, INTRODUCE yourself. Be sure to mention where you have found my info, and your community site name! So I may know where you are coming from.
2.DISCUSS YOUR IDEA. What sort of commission do you look for? Is it a drawing? Is it a sculpture? Is it fan art? Rule34? Pinup? Landscape or character design? Logo? Banner or Ad? Sculpture? Digital or traditional? The more in-depth you share, the better I can understand what you are imagining.
3. If I am comfortable with the commission idea, I will give a quote, and you shall pay via PAYPAL. I will not start any projects before payment.
4. Transactions is made, and now you wait! Depending on life situations it may take me some time to complete, or it may take me within the day. I am very busy between projects and I appreciate the patience and respect. There is no deadline, unless you are hiring me to work for commercial purpose, or some public project. These can be discussed and negotiated.

I claim the right to reject any commission if it makes me uncomfortable.

Common things I will not do are following:
Religious or Political drama
Diaper Fetish
Feces, urine, bodily gas and the likes

Base Commission Fee list:

Rough Sketch => $15 (Additional characters +$5 each)

B&W Line-art => $40 (Additional characters +$10 each)

Flat Colour => $50 (Additional characters +$15 each)

Full Colour => $60 (Additional characters +$20 each)

(((Prices are subject to change to time by time basis)))

Contact the artist @ QuoFalcon@yahoo.com
to order your commissions.