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07-08-2013, 04:41 PM
Weasyl seems to have one of the most difficult methods of referring to both users of Weasyl and users of other similar furry posting sites. Compare how each does it, in its shortest form:









Referencing users of other sites is even worse. To be fair, only one other site, Inkbunny, makes this easy, but when I want to credit other users who are not yet on Weasyl, it is still a huge pain:

How To Refer To A User Of FurAffinity On Inkbunny


How To Refer To A User Of FurAffinity On Weasyl

{url=www.furaffinity.net/user/<username>}<username>{/url} (curly brackets used in place of square brackets because the bb code seems to automatically parse urls even when specifically told NOT to)

It would be very cool if on Weasyl you could refer to users in this way:

User Of Weasyl

@<username> (this is consistent with both Inkbunny and SoFurry)

User Of FurAffinity

fa!<username> (this is consistent with Inkbunny)

User Of Inbunny


User Of SoFurry

sf!<username> (this is consistent with Inkbunny)

As a bonus, to refer to a submission on Weasyl, it would be nice if it could be shortened:




:link<submission#>: (consistent with SoFurry)

The bb code would be replaced with a small depiction of the submission icon and the submission title.