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04-16-2013, 01:40 PM
Ok I am not sure how your going to handle this but I know it has been a problem on other sites.
People scamming.

How to handle it?

Start a blacklist?

Implement a way to rate the artist and buyer like you do on ebay and such?

Make a report system thats has set parameters that allows for responces from the artist and buyer and goes through balances to determine who is in the wrong? (least favorite, sounds like this is the most time consuming)

What do you think?

Fay V
04-16-2013, 03:00 PM
this is always a sticky subject and to be honest to properly deal with it you need to really have a separate site with its own mod team, coincidentally we have artist_beware which has its own parameters and system set up to look at scammers.

Personally I really dislike the idea of rating systems because they are superficial. There is a reason that in most competitions the judges actually know something of the subject and aren't just pulled off the street. To have ratings work the person rating and judging needs to understand what to rate on.
There's also the issue of this being a hobbyist site. we appeal to fandoms, and with that you get bias and downright cheating .The popular artist will have high ratings, even if they have terrible service. The struggling artist might get down rated to oblivion for just wanting to be different, or even for simply running into a scammer.

Here's an example. There was once a builder, I will say no names. Their work was quite nice in photos, but they had some of the worst quality for that price range. Glued seams and weird materials. I saw one of the suits in person and just went "oh..."
Yet because of the apparent looks, and the price of the suits, they got business and had people defending their work.
That's something a ratings system won't really help, because the people rating will do so just on looks rather than the all around quality of the work.

to be fair to the builder, they have turned it around and are starting to put out high quality stuff.

For the most part the market regulates itself. Those that have terrible service will get less business in the end. What will really put a damper on scammers is to get away from our crappy Dime a dozen commission culture we have going in the fandom. People just see something and buy it because it's cheap. They don't stop to research at all, when all it takes is to just look through the gallery and at the interactions really.
It's worse with fursuits. Kids are ready to drop 800 on something without willing to research it at all. You don't see that with buying a car, or other costly items.

For the site, I can say that it's not our responsibility to regulate the commissions and business happening here, as long as it's not illegal or something. It's buyer beware. However we have made an effort to be clear, if someone is a detriment to the community they will be removed from the site.

04-16-2013, 05:01 PM
You could do what I do and just check too see if they have an Artist Beware on them.