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03-05-2013, 01:30 AM
Almost all of us will have to deal with them at some point. They can be the most amazing best buds ever or....they can be an absolute disaster. Do you have any crazy or even inspirational stories to share? How about any advice on how to deal with a particular breed of roommate? I'll kick it off of course :3.

I have been living in my current apartment for the past two years. I live in a quad, or a four bedroom one floor apartment and each bedroom gets its own bathroom, which I believe has been the sole reason I haven't killed any of my roommates yet. In the time that I have lived here I have had 9 different roommates. None of my roommates have left because of any issues with anyone living here, they just all happen to be foreign, and usually go back to their home country. For the sake of being nice on the internet I won't list any real names.

The Disgusting African Cook: She left the stove on continuously, either with nothing on it or with a pot that had water in it once upon a time and by my time of discovering it, only had the charred remains of old food. She had WAY too much money and bought tons of unnecessary things that she abandoned when she moved out (if only I had been able to grab that giant flat screen TV she ditched!). She would leave pans filled with grease on the stove and counters, and as a final gift left a bowl of rancid rotting fruit in the kitchen. She was a very nice girl though.

The Golden Roommate: He made us fancy dinners, hung out with the furs, invited us to smoke hookahs, and even got me a birthday gift. I miss him the most TT^TT

The Deaf Disaster: My college has a HUGE deaf community due to it having a national institute of the Deaf. I have absolutely nothing against deaf people but this guy just didn't get it. He knocked on my door once and told me "I'm having a party tonight, I'll pay for the damages.". He opened one of my packages (an order of fabric for a customer) and, not knowing what it was, proceeded to throw the fabric across the furniture. He burned my skillet and melted my spatulas, all of which he used without asking for my permission.

The Fish Guy: This guy just loved fish. He ate fish every day. He threw away fish every day. The apartment smelled of rotting fish every day. When asked to take out the trash he bought a trash can with a lid to "stop the smell".

The Best Friend: She abandoned me (against her will) and everything has been miserable since :<

The "Hey, what's up?" Guy: Okay guy. Will watch me take out the trash and never offers to help. Always asks "Hey, what's up?" and walks away.

The Lobster Girl: Never spoke to anyone and would flat out ignore attempts to talk to her. Took a liking to my boyfriend, showed us her room which was so dirty it failed inspection. She had two lobsters in her room in a tank, they were kind of cool.

The rest of my roommates have been okay so far, although one left this past week and abandoned a mountain of trash. Trash is a constant issue in my apartment, but no matter how many times I ask, or clean in front of them, they just don't care.

Share your stories!

Frank LeRenard
03-05-2013, 09:34 AM
I've had exactly one roommate in my life, and I've been living alone since. I only had to live with him for a few months, during my freshman year of undergrad. He was a junior at the time, somewhat burned out by college, and not at all interested in making friends with the dopey freshman he got stuck rooming with. He was also flamboyantly gay, and he was the kind of gay that you get to be when you grow up suppressed in a rinky-dink conservative Nebraska small town and then manage to make it to a bigger city and a college atmosphere where no one cares about that sort of thing. So he just ran with it, as far and as hard as he could.
He worked the night shift at one of the dorm security jobs. I often would wake up at 3 in the morning to him turning on the lights so he could apply boatloads of makeup and mascara. This job would take him almost an hour. When he got back, it was often with a very noisy group of females who would invade the room for the rest of the day. They enjoyed watching Desperate Housewives, and for whatever reason this always had to be done in our room.
He also had a boyfriend (a different person depending on what kind of drama he felt like having that week), and he apparently had no qualms screwing him on the futon, which was right behind my desk, which I was sitting at doing homework or something else.
He was also a huge fan of Bjork and Jeff Buckley, or rather, two particular songs by those musicians, which he would play over and over on an endless loop. He loved these songs so much, he would sing along with them, and then scribble the words to them on the room's message board that was tacked to the door.

I put up with him for two months or so, then went on a rabid search for a single room in another dormitory. Luckily, I managed to snag one halfway through the semester; the room was twice as big, cost 3/4 as much, and was on one of the quietest floors on campus. I never looked back.

03-05-2013, 10:31 AM
Ah yes, the African cook. I had one of these back in college but he was super nice. He'd cook delicious peanut chicken all the time and he'd offer me a plate every time. Every once in a while he'd invite friends and the kitchen would be full of black people eating chicken. I'd say the only downside is that he listened to shitty rap all the time, fell asleep with his music on, did his laundry around 11:00pm (sometimes the cooking too) and he only did the dishes once a week or so.

Then I moved to another town and gosh were the people in there insane. I was stuck between two roommates. One was a bodybuilder/firefighter who despised sound. He'd bash on the walls every time I played music. He'd yell at me and threaten me when I accidentally left my door open because apparently that's the biggest insult you could do to a roommate. He'd purposely smear food and coffee (I was the only one who drank coffee) on the kitchen walls, dirty dishes and put them in random spots and blame it all on me. He really did everything to make me leave (successfully) even though he himself was moving out the month after. My other roommate was a guy from Lac Saint-Jean. True to his roots, he fucked a different girl every night, all night, and I could hear everything. When I told him to either stop screwing around, moan less like a bitch or actually do it somewhere else, he just gave me sleeping pills and basically told me to get used to it. Other than that he was pretty chill and quiet and we shared the Internet. Things only got worse and worse till one night they came back from the pub drunk at 4:00am, opened my door and threw me dishes full of ketchup before then yelling and threatening to beat me up if I didn't behave. I told the landlord that it was his last chance to throw 'em in the road or I'd call the cops (I had already warned him multiple times but hey, they've been around longer than me so I'm the problem). He said it wasn't his job to take care of us, that we were responsible adults and were supposed to get along well; quite ironical since he was an ex-cop. Then a day later he evicted me and said I should see a psychologist 'cause I clearly was dangerous. I moved back to the town I lived in before because I know there the people aren't batshit insane.

03-05-2013, 12:23 PM
Ohoho, do I have a story for you

So two friends and I were sharing a house in college with another acquaintance. Let's call her 'Amanda'. Amanda had previously been in a relationship with one of the two other friends, who I'll call 'Adam', but they had mutually broken it off a while ago and everything was fine between them. Amanda seemed pretty chill when we all started renting together - sociable, polite, personable, enthusiastic. Things seemed great, housing was figured out, and we could all focus on academics and jobs.

Only Amanda felt like getting a little more insane every day across the period of almost two years we were in that house. It started out innocently enough - some cranky and annoying behavior, some selective forgetfulness, less helping out with chores. Then Amanda and Adam got back together and the real fun started.

Her bad side came out. She monopolized Adam's time, constantly. She had him do all her chores and run out almost nightly for fast food (she lived on the stuff). She was inconsiderate, pushy, and pouty when she didn't get her way. She was a loud lay. And, of course, she threatened to kill herself if he left her again. By this time tensions between Amanda vs the other roommate and I came to a head and we didn't bother to mask our dislike anymore.

To truncate the story, Adam broke it off again, events culminated in Amanda threatening us with a shotgun, the cops got called (who couldn't do anything, as Amanda has a cop for a dad who advised her to lock the shotgun in her car trunk so they'd need a warrant to open it), and we decided to finally leave. We packed everything and moved out entirely in under 20 hours. For the latter half, Amanda got home, saw what we were doing, and somehow got a couple of muscle-bound neighborhood thugs (was a bad neighborhood) to try to intimidate us as we moved. Cops got called again for that, too.

The new house was much better, anyway

03-05-2013, 12:36 PM
Haha oh man...I've had a few. Well, one of them is actually one of my best friends, but unfortunately she could be pretty hard to live with - we got along famously, but the way she treated her pets...we had a two bedroom, living room, basement apartment, and she kept two dogs and a rabbit. One dog was one of those long nosed ones that had trouble breathing because they'd been genetically bred to have heads like bullets; the other was a Chizu that was maybe 5 times too big for the apartment. She had to keep them both in cages every day for the majority of the day; for the longest time she kept the long nosed one, a runner, in a pet carrier for about 3/4 of the day while she had classes. She couldn't deal with both of them at once so she would often leave him in there while the other one was out.

We both smoked weed at the time, and she would blow smoke in the little one's face to sedate him, exacerbating his breathing problems. The dog was wheezing for air at all times and vomited several times. I'm sure he was dehydrated often. I was sitting with him and let him drink from the cup of water I was sipping from, I felt so bad for him.

During all this, the rabbit was mostly ignored. Between college, the dogs, and other life problems, she simply never had time for it.

In the end, her ex boyfriend moved out and she gave the little dog to him. It died a month or two later, when he let it eat some onions off the floor. To be honest, both my girlfriend and I were happy for the dog, that his suffering was finally ended.

We're still good friends, and the chizu is living a much better life now, at least, I think so. Still, those poor animals.

03-05-2013, 02:29 PM
I once had a roommate from Pakistan. She seems to love to have sex. It was so bad that I began being able to hear her doing it. Even with my headphones on. And then I once asked my other roommates if they could hear her doing it too. And they said they did too. It was so bad that my other roommate once reported hearing her from downstairs. I once knocked on her door (I had a valid reason for doing so though; I did actually have to see her about something) while she was doing it, and she answered it after a slight pause. And she obviously didn't open the door all the way.
She also did poorly at school, and never did her share of cleaning up the common area.
I think in comparison, this story isn't all that exciting. If you want a really good one, try this one: http://www.wyseguys.com/blag/shitty-roommate/meet-jed/

03-05-2013, 05:26 PM
I think in comparison, this story isn't all that exciting. If you want a really good one, try this one: http://www.wyseguys.com/blag/shitty-roommate/meet-jed/

Yea, I read this one a long time ago. I still think the guy who wrote it is one of the biggest retard ever.

03-07-2013, 01:58 AM
Since leaving home, I've had to bounce around a lot. When I met my boyfriend, we had to find a cheap place to live- his solution was living with an acquaintance in the old abandoned Navy housing on top of the hill.

Some clarifications: His acquaintance was an old local guy in his fifties, does towing. Pretty decent guy and for the most part had no problems, but he also lived with a guy that was, to put it kindly, kind of retarded. He attitude was something akin to a puppy- he liked to do things for people and was generally nice and friendly, but he also liked to steal stuff when people weren't looking, did drugs (and got the main guy into it as well) and was completely unintelligible when he spoke. I don't even know how other people figure him out.

The old navy housing was abandoned long enough for the buildings to fall in disrepair. The military had only recently returned it back to the locals, and while the buildings themselves were still liveable, a lot of the wooden things like the doors, cabinets were just rotting to hell, with some areas suffering hurricane damage from the doors being blown out. The only source of water was from the nasty ass bathroom (that no one wanted to clean but me because it was seriously grossing me out) and the tap outside the house, situated over a sewer in an overgrown backyard. I had to sit there a ton of times cleaning dishes and other shit because our roommates (and my boyfriend) would never clean dishes, getting bitten by mosquitoes and harassed by other insects all the while. Eventually, someone moved into the unit next of ours and started hooking up a hose to get water on their side of the house (which they couldn't get hooked up because the water and electricity are kind of illegally installed), making it harder to get access to water over time.

As bad a place it was, it was livable, up until the neighbors (and eventually our roommate) became unbearable to live with. Our neighbors were a local family my BF knew and grew up with, and in the beginning were really friendly and supportive. Their one drawback was that they liked to drink, and that was fine for a while- they drunk in the evenings and invited us to hang out with them. Over time however, it took on a more destructive turn- they started asking my boyfriend to contribute to their 'beer fund' since he hangs out with them, then becoming more forceful to the point of extortion, giving every excuse for him to pay for it. Because the doors of our house were not really enforced, let alone having proper locks on them, they were free to come and go to harass him as much as they pleased. It reached a point where their once amiable drunkenness started slipping into outright violence, and altercations between my bf and the family were becoming much more frequent and severe. I personally didn't have anything to do with them (I didn't like their lifestyle and spent most of my time in my room) until I made an off comment to one of the girls and she flipped out. My bf stopped any fight from happening, but when she left, she sent her mother in law stomping into our house and trying to force her way into our room to get at me. Again, bad doors were practically useless, but I was able to hold it up against her pounding and screaming until she finally went away frustrated. Our many days roommate wasn't any better- he was usually so mellow but he started developing this extremely volatile temper as well to the point where I spent a lot of days worrying if someone would finally snap and just try to grab the nearest machete and start swinging. Machetes were a commonplace and easily accessible weapon.

It didn't help that this area was also on top of a hill, and that in itself caused huge problems. Besides the insane gas usage, it broke down our van for several months and we became dependent on the family to get us rides down to town (the hill was far too large and steep to go on foot). Eventually we finally got it fixed (no thanks to the local mechanics that fucked up most of the engine) and slowly tried to earn enough to move out. The only real reason we stayed because it was insanely cheap compared to even the cheapest apartment around, and we weren't exactly doing full time jobs.

Funnily enough, the big move only happened when my BF was arrested for DWI, being involved with a motor accident with injuries. I took the opportunity to stay in a room with a Filipino family for cheap and left that place finally. Bf eventually was released and had to find some place to live in the meantime until we saved enough to actually have a pretty decent apartment. We've been living pretty good ever since, but we never forgot that awful experience. Whenever the talk of roommates come up, my bf is always wary because of it. We both know you can't ever tell what kind of people you're forced to live with until you're far along in the trainride, and sometimes that's a ride that's hard to get off of.

03-09-2013, 11:11 PM
I was living with 2 other people at job corp...

I woke up and the one girl i was roomed with was very drunk, I tried to help her to the bathroom but she didn't make it and began to throw up. She slipped in her own puke and i wasn't just going to leave her laying face down in her own vomit so i helped her to the bathroom and walked to my room only to find my other room mate passed out her pants to her ankles. She had pissed on my bed and all over the floor.
Pee still terrifies me to this day and i went to job corp for only a year!

03-17-2013, 01:10 PM
Ahaha oh my god.

My first experience with roommates was the worst, and turned me off to rooming with people I've never met. I was at a university, and Freshmen were required to stay in the dorms for their first year. Which is a really stupid rule, IMO. Anyway, I was forced to live with three roommates, and only one of those three were remotely "nice." We had our own rooms, and thankfully I didn't have to share with anyone.

However, these roommates were... incredibly rude, and stingy. They were well-off in terms of finances, while I was struggling to get by. My parents had been sucked dry by paying for my college and I would only get about $150 a month for food. I was 18 at the time, I had never had a job, I didn't have a car, and I didn't know jack shit about managing my money, so it was often blown away really quick. All of my roommates had cars and were able to go places at their leisure, while I was stuck on campus. I couldn't (and they wouldn't) drive me to the supermarket a mile away, and I was forced to walk there and back while carrying loads of groceries. Sometimes I had to make two trips, and frankly, it made me feel very unsafe.

On top of that, these roommates were disgusting and blamed others for their messes. I ALWAYS washed my dishes- they never did. They'd left out food before, too, and it would rot. Sometimes the smell would get so bad I was forced to clean it before they would. They also dirtied up the bathroom a lot, left their laundry everywhere, and all sorts of other gross things.

These roommates were also underage, and drinking. I would have a class at 9 AM twice a week. One night, they came home shitfaced-drunk at 2 in the morning, screaming and making all sorts of noise, thus interrupting my sleep. When I mentioned this, they promised to be more careful but that never happened. I decided enough was enough and left a room reassignment request at the front desk, and also reported them for underage drinking. Nothing changed, nothing got done. In fact I was completely ignored.

I decided to drop out and leave two weeks after the drunk incident because I couldn't take it anymore. I was struggling with depression and was hours away from home, and I had no money to support myself. On top of that I was just dealing with a lot of bullshit.

Moral of the story, not all 18 year olds are ready to go out in the world. Now I'm EAGER to leave and way better at managing my money, but I just don't have the finances to pay for my own place. I'm still in college and I just want to be done already.

Sea Mink
03-18-2013, 12:51 PM
I'm going to refer to my first roommate as "The Entitled" roommate.

She was someone I had known, mostly from a distance, on and off through out high school. We lived in the same neighborhood, would occasionally hang out, but I wouldn't call us friends. We both got into the same program, at the same university, and had about the same budget for dorms [which we were required as freshmen to live in] so it just seemed logical to room together. I went in figuring, "Hey, she's not your best friend so I doubt it'll ruin the non-friendship anyway. However, you both know each other so if problems or issues do arise, it should be less awkward dealing with her than with a total stranger."
Now, I only had a few [reasonable in my opinion] rules, which I presented to her before we signed and paid for anything. I asked that she not touch/take my things without asking. I asked that she supply the mini fridge while I supplied the small vacuum, large trashcan w/ bags, floor rug, osculating tower fan, and microwave. Finally, I asked that she NOT cheat on her boyfriend while living with me.
That final rule I stressed to her, again and again, because I did not want to deal with any of the potential fall out if she got caught. My fears were that either he'd find out and try and confront her in a rage, or that anyone she got involved with would start something. Regardless, I shared a living space with her, and didn't particularly want /that/ flavor of drama in my life.

Okay, so, this is where her title "Entitled" comes from. [Well, it stretches back a bit before rooming with her I suppose. She had been dating her boyfriend, who was going through military so couldn't be around a lot, for three years. The first time she cheated on him was three months into the relationship, and she had been periodically sleeping around since. I'm not her close friend, and I'm not his friend, so it wasn't my place to say anything about her actions prior to moving in with her - I believe sharing such a small living space sort of makes what she's doing in bed my business since it can directly affect me at that point.]
She was good for maybe a month, then things started going down hill. Small items of mine, a stapler, pencils, paintbrushes, [We were both in school for art] started to go missing. Things I assumed I might have misplaced myself at the time, but now know she had actually been nicking when I wasn't around. Then she started "borrowing" my clothing, jeans and T-shirts, without asking and later throwing them into my laundry basket. I confronted her, she stopped for a bit, then started up again.
Then the boys started to appear. I do not think she was aware of how painfully obvious her slutting around was, and I gave her several opportunities to admit, apologize, and move on. Hell, I even told her I didn't care so much that she was cheating, I cared more about the fact she was having troupes of sleezy guys ferrying in and out of the place where I eat, sleep, and store my things. She ignored me, again, and continued to invite them over while I wasn't around, saying that she was only friends with them. [Right, which is why every time I walked in unexpectedly, the two of them would bolt away from one another and pretend to be interested in whatever was in front of them. Right. Sure.]
Now, of this I'm not sure, but shortly after this steady stream of strangers started cycling through my room, more valuable items started disappearing. Money left out, even change, disappeared on me more than once. My drawers and dressers started having their contents obviously sorted through. A movie and a necklace disappeared. I was living in a crappy dorm room that had enough space for a single person, walking a straight line, to walk in to the window, do an about face, and walk back out. The large bunked beds, double closet, two desks, and two dressers provided by the school took up nearly all space. Things didn't always have a safe corner for me to tuck them in, and increasingly, anything left out was taken.

I talked to her about this, nonstop, and continued trying to get the RA to do something about it. This girl, or the boys she was bring in, was taking my food, my clothing, my money - All without asking, because she felt fucking entitled. I brought my own printer, told her not to mess with it when I wasn't around because it's a printer and it has an attitude. It's also not cheap to replace ink cartridges, so I didn't want her printing out course workbooks or tons of color images. I was explicit in my instructions, and I still walked in on her, with her laptop at my desk [another No-No I talked to her about] downloading the drivers to my printer so that she could print when I wasn't around, and because she had a friend who needed to print something for class.

I was losing it, she felt like she had the right to anyone's anything! And it didn't help that all these guys she was toting around [sometimes two and three at a time without them being aware of one another] were throwing gifts at her to try and get in her pants. It was sickening. Things sort of came to a head when I actually caught her in the physical act of cheating, and was then promptly screamed out of the room, and locked out. I've walked in on people doing all that before, and the first response I have is to get the hell out of the room. However, I am PAYING to live in that room. The door wasn't even locked. It was 7PM on a fucking Thursday. She had no right to lock me out of my home, where I was trying to go to get dinner, study, and sleep when I interrupted her.
Common courtesy would lead a normal person in that situation to make themselves decent, open the door, apologize, whatever. However, she seemed to think locking the door and chaining it [which my room key can't undo, it has to be undone from the inside], then going back to what she had been doing, was the proper response.

The RA ended up having to get her to open the door, and thank god it was near the end of the year because I was ready to seriously chuck everything that girl owned out the window. Well, after grabbing back whatever belongings were MINE first.

03-28-2013, 09:07 PM
I guess I can consider my brother and his wife roommates. We all lived in my mom's house for too long! And we were beginning to clash.

My brother's wife was a total slob. She had two dogs, one of which she did not ask permission to get, she just randomly showed up with a dog and he is a rotten little shit! She never wiped their feet so we had gross wet prints all over the floors and dog hair everywhere. The one dog was not house trained and ruined my mom's carpet. My brother offered to pay to have it cleaned and his wife told him not to. The dogs also spent all day in their crates because they were always working. They had their own personal living room, a spare bedroom and their own bathroom all to themselves, yet they never paid rent and barely ever did chores. She wouldn't help vacuum her dog's hair up, she barely did her share of the dishes and gods forbid someone ask her to help with firewood or the trash! And even though she had her own bathroom she would always blow dry her hair in the upstairs bathroom. She was always starting drama, that's the worst part. She was a two faced drama queen. She used me so it looked like she was not cheating on her husband (my brother), she was constantly inviting this guy over to the house and constantly drinking with him, she'd come home at 4 or 5 in the morning, made a ton of noise along with her dogs and wake us all up at 1 am, slept till noon or later and bitched about us being noisy (I have two kids), bitch about my mom who bitched to my brother about them never helping clean and thought we all owed her for some unfathomable reason. Did I mention they are the food I got with food stamps? They would never pitch in for food and when they did it was hidden or labeled. Oh and did I mention my brother was a police officer and she was a bartender? Both making about $75k a year? And they were both freeloading off my mom.

It got really bad at the end. I got fed up with their reign of the whole house, especially since they had their own living space in the basement complete with mini fridge and she would always talk shit to my kids. She's boss them around and butt in when I'd try to discipline. One day she came up the stairs and screamed at them because she was studying for school. Funny... she never cared if we were asleep at night and woke my baby up several times. So one day I decided to take all of their food and put it in their personal mini fridge. Reasonable yes? Oh well how dare I put their food in their fridge. I started arguing with my brother about their lack of respect for everyone in the house and how they are making more than enough to rent somewhere and she came storming upstairs and started yelling at me and getting in my face. She was literally inches from my face. So the yelling began... I went on about how they were making more than enough to rent somewhere else and how she was always starting shit and had no clue how hard some people had it (like myself) then she said I was receiving handouts and got knocked up and that the reason I was getting a divorce was because I screwed around on my husband. Then I slapped her. She called the cops, I got pulled over since I was told to leave the house by my brother who was restraining her from trying to hit me. So I grabbed my girls and left.

It's just so fucked up. They were making so much money and here I was trying to make it by on $600 a month and pay for two kids and all my own bills and go back to college and I was going through a divorce. No, I did not cheat on him either... Yes my mom was letting me live there rent free, but I did so chores and help out.

It's just funny. I look back and just shake my head. I really shouldn't have slapped her, but luckily there was no mark so she couldn't do anything. My family was furious that she called the cops on me.

03-30-2013, 03:59 PM
When I was in 8th grade I went to the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. So obviously I lived in a dorm. My first room mate was very inconsiderate... She and her friends would talk loudly with the lights on either late at night or early in the morning... This obviously annoyed me because it made it hard to sleep... I'm so thankful that they made rules about letting people come into your room... I'm also thankful that I was allowed to switch rooms...

When I was 19 or 20 I lived with my best friend at the time in a small condo for a few months. The main problem here was that she never cleaned her cat's litterbox and the cat would use the bathroom outside of it... Usually in back of the chair that I used while on the computer... >_> It got to the point where I'd be the one cleaning after the poor kitty. This at least was something that I could deal with. I could not deal with her asking for money before it's due date. I'm pretty strict about such things. This eventually caused a rift in our relationship and I decided to go back home.

Now a days I am 30 and still living at home. I have to deal with an abusive younger brother who does drugs and breaks things in fits of anger (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v11/Nicole1725/ry.png)... He's a freeloader to the extreme going so far as to give food to his friends and to let them barrow our things without permission... Basically he is just really disrespectful and never listens to anything anybody tells him... He's been kicked out numerous times and breaks back into the house even when the top lock is locked.. Needless to say I've been rather stressed and depressed. My mother doesn't seem to know how to deal with this properly... I'd leave if I could, but my government check is hardly enough to pay rent in even a 1 bedroom apartment. I'm also not very independent.

04-06-2013, 07:58 AM
mine is probably not so bad ive been lucky to be living w chill people mostly but when i was 19-20 i moved in w a sorta acquaintance
he was a friend of the guy i was dating at the time

the apartment was a dump there was trash all over when i moved in and i cleaned everything and kept cleaning every other week because nobody would pick up after themselves
id by food for myself but since there was people over every day i ended up buying double of w/e i got for food i tell em tho not to touch this juice thats my favorite but they do it the night i asked

i just got kinda mad told em to plz not do it again and next time i went to the store i bought two of the juice and some sandwich stuff to make for em cause why not i found a sandwich maker in the cupboard

get told im an asshole just cause i dont want people eating/drinking certain things im not hella strict about it it was only 1 drink 1 food i didnt want em having cause frankly theyre more money

under the careful watch of my roommate someone went into my room and stole all my ds games i dont even know how that happened but while they were at it they wrote some nasty shit about me on my game stand

after about 3 months of living there im told i need to get out in a week and i coulda sworn im supposed to be warned way before that
the guy moving in was all kindsa shadey and a dealer even tho my roommate sold weed and acid this guy i think sold some heavy bs who later screwed my old roommate over and trashed the place making it unlivable

the entirety i lived there i was being called an asshole and im not sure why since i kept to myself and never actually expected a thanks for cleaning since i lived there too and only asked people not to eat/drink 2 things out of the many things i bought for food and drink

so not entirely a roommate situation but it was a p awful place to live all around

04-09-2013, 04:19 AM
I've found our recently that my last room mate is a conspiracy theorist type. We switched rooms early into this semester, ostensibly because he knew another guy better and got along with him more. Anyhow, a few weeks after I moved out, the Sandy Hook shooting happened. And almost instantly, he had tons of video's up on facebook calling conspiracy on the whole situation.

Dodged a bullet there I guess. My current room mate situation is just awkward. He's also gay, but we're in almost the perfect situation to never say anything to each other. I'm never in the room, he always is. He watches a ton of TV, mine isn't even plugged in. It's just kinda weird all around.

04-20-2013, 01:09 AM
My roommates are the reason I vehemently hate marijuana. Imagine if you will that you like pizza. Now imagine if you were forced to eat pizza three meals a day, every day, for four months straight! And only one type of pizza, too. Only cheese pizza and nothing else! Well, that's my roommates with pot. It got so bad I told them to stop smoking the stuff in the house because I was afraid it would turn up in drug tests while I'm looking for work. Ever since then, they don't hang out at the house very much...

04-20-2013, 11:44 AM
My roommates are the reason I vehemently hate marijuana. Imagine if you will that you like pizza. Now imagine if you were forced to eat pizza three meals a day, every day, for four months straight! And only one type of pizza, too. Only cheese pizza and nothing else! Well, that's my roommates with pot. It got so bad I told them to stop smoking the stuff in the house because I was afraid it would turn up in drug tests while I'm looking for work. Ever since then, they don't hang out at the house very much...

Just a little tid bit, second hand pot smoke will not cause you to test positive. You need to inhale it directly.

But yea, it does stink. I'd hate to carry the smell around

04-20-2013, 11:55 AM
Regardless, the smell gets really old really quick and marijuana is overrated anyway. I smoked it once three years ago and it did nothing for me whatsoever. I can get much better emotions and feelings by listening to music than with drugs.

09-08-2013, 08:42 PM
I've never had a roommate before, not quite old enough x'D

But my girlfriend's sister had a roommate that stole her hair and made a voodoo doll out of her o.o That was an awkward discovery on her part.
The college I plan to go to doesn't have dorms, you have to get your own apartment. So I'm going to do that with my gf. Hopefully I don't have anything to complain about xD

/end tiny post compared to the others

Neon Poi
09-10-2013, 08:35 AM
Regardless, the smell gets really old really quick and marijuana is overrated anyway. I smoked it once three years ago and it did nothing for me whatsoever. I can get much better emotions and feelings by listening to music than with drugs.

So you judged a drug based on it doing nothing for you...which means you didn't smoke it properly (very common) and thus don't know what the actual effects are. :|

My worst roommate story involves my roommate shaving all over the bathroom and not cleaning it up. I need to talk to him about that actually. Other than that, he's pretty chill. He just has that one thing he does. I have been the crappy roommate in the past, but that was mostly because I used to be too depressed to live. It's hard to be clean or to do anything other than sleep all day under those conditions.

05-30-2014, 03:35 PM
Not too horrific, but I once walked in to both my roommates cooking naked in the kitchen. Whatever floats their boats I guess.

Worse, when I was in college one of my roommates was dating this horribly loud, obnoxious guy. The worst part is that you could hear them having sex through the paper thin walls. Eugggh.

06-13-2014, 10:25 AM
When I first ever went overseas early this year, from Australia to New Zealand, my dad (Rest In Peace) and I got a houseshare with a Master Tenant I'll call Clean Freak.

Clean Freak was... a very quiet and introverted guy, in his mid to late 20s. He lived in one of the western suburbs of Auckland in a three bedroom house with a massive dog the size of a small horse. The suburb itself was... not unpleasant, given New Zealand itself is a beautiful country, but what I couldn't understand was the power lines. Huge, massive electrical transmitters that went right down into peoples' back yards, and right into the neighbour's yard. The house was also backed right up against the motorway, so trucks could be heard driving past 24/7 with the electrical hum of phone lines above the back yard. It was an empty back yard as well, no trees.

Either way, Clean Freak busted his ass to live here. He worked all day every day installing security cameras in shopping malls, a job that would seem high-paying in Australia but barely gave Clean Freak enough cash to pay for rent, let alone food. Clean Freak would never have any food in his fridge and only ate takeout - given that GST in New Zealand is so high and there's no "middleclass", Clean Freak sat in the area of "lowerclass westie" and it seemed strange given he looked like the kind of guy that would have a fair amount of money if he were in Australia. But a lot of his money went on his dog - the dog had a very strict diet - and the cleanliness of his house. Which had no furniture in it except for two beds (I slept on a couch cushions in the spare room) and one designer couch he kept spotless.

So when we asked him what happened to his last roommate, he had said they needed to be kicked out for "being a grubby slob". We shrugged, assuming he was, but over time we started to realise that Clean Freak's house was... exceedingly clean. Not a single speck of dust, a single grain of sugar on the kitchen counter, the slightest fingerprint on the bathroom sink would go undetected. If Clean Freak saw something dirty, he'd blast it with a bottle of cleaning product and wipe the area down. Wanted to use the toilet? Protect your ass, Clean Freak wiped the seat with bleach last night. Want to use the shower? Wipe down all the drops from inside the bathtub and don't let a single strand of hair get in the plug. I have nothing against OCD, as I have friends who are diagnosed with it, but when someone is compulsive, they do get hard to live with. Clean Freak's cleanliness went so far as to wipe down the kitchen counter, bathroom and table first thing when he got home from work - even if the counter hadn't been used since yesterday.

He also had a paranoia about saving money and reducing electricity bills. Given it was awkward enough tiptoeing around the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, if you left the kitchen for even a second after putting the toast on, and Clean Freak saw the toaster on the counter "unused", he would unplug it from the wall, turn off the power point and put the toaster back in the cupboard regardless if it had toast in it or not. It was a compulsive response of his where "the toaster is out, why's the toaster out? It's wasting electricity just sitting here turned on without being used, I'd better put it back in the cupboard for when someone does use it". This made using the kitchen when Clean Freak was around incredibly unsettling. He also unplugged the landline too, and never used anything but his mobile - whenever we had to use his phone (we had no NZ sim card yet) I had to wait in the driveway and call out to dad if I heard Clean Freak's car pulling into the street).

He was passive aggressive about his orderliness too. Clean Freak would never actually say outright to us "can you please keep the kitchen clean", he would just go in and spray the entire area with cleaning product just after you'd used the kitchen, and then go back to his room. He also slept with his bedroom door open, which creeped the fuck out of dad.

Clean Freak's Mother (I'll call her CFM) was stranger. She fit the category of ditzy blonde very well. CFM was talkative, chatty, and didn't seem to understand when people didn't want her around. I distinctly remember the first time she came around - Clean Freak was at work, and hadn't told anyone it was his birthday, so it seemed normal that his mother would drop round to bring a cake over. But after she dropped round, CFM waited in the loungeroom for him to get home. A little creepy, seeing as he wasn't getting off work until much later in the day. And on top of that, she was using Clean Freak's landline to call up her ex (Clean Freak's dad) and try to move back in with him. Ringing up huge phone bills for the day. Her friend also came over, uninvited by anyone, and kept trying to get CFM to move in with him. CFM couldn't even take the hint that this new guy, who shouldn't have even been in Clean Freak's House, was hitting on her hard.

CFM also had this annoying habit of dropping in and then staying the night in her son's bed, making CFM sleep on the couch. She also went back and forth from her car constantly, locking and unlocking it whenever she forgot something, then going back to unlock it five minutes later only to lock the car again. The beep on the autolock was loud and inconsistent as well, so whenever you heard the first beep of her car in the driveway you knew it was going to be chaos. Clean Freak wanted absolutely nothing to do with her and hated her as much as we did.

She even gatecrashed a very awkward party Clean Freak tried to hold for a friend of his, who was having a birthday. Clean Freak's friend, Birthday Girl, only had one friend Taxi Driver turn up and the other party guests were all just friends of Clean Freak's - they were Arrogant Cocky Guy, Flirty Taiwanese Girl and Brazilian Who Couldn't Speak English. The whole party was a flop, even before CFM turned up and - yes - stayed the night.

It was almost a relief when Clean Freak's dad was moving back in and we were kicked out for "not being clean enough".